Feng Shui In Da House


— Anthony Lee


Anthony is a Classical Feng Shui Master. His key specialized segments of consulting Feng Shui include Personal, Residential and Corporate Business.

For more than 10 years, he has managed a series of successful client projects, spanning across a wide spectrum of industries, such as international logistics, bio-pharmaceutical, commodities trading, financial institutions, hospitality, etc.

​Anthony’s knowledge of the mystical Feng Shui consulting allows in-depth application and customization towards each client’s requirements.

Fengshui Service

Anthony’s Fengshui service allows in-depth audit application and customization towards each client’s requirements.

To him, every audit is like creating a masterpiece of its own as each is unique with own requirements. Nevertheless, great care are taken on the details as if each audit is his own. An important mindset to have as audit result will either reduce or magnifying one’s negative energy.

No Fengshui items are used as daily items and furniture placement is enough to bring out the home Fengshui.

Simply quote “FSDHAudit” to enjoy special discount when directly engaging Anthony service or request quote from us here. If not, contact us below directly for assistance.