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Feng Shui In Da House Crystals

During house audit, modern Feng Shui master may sometimes recommend crystals for placement. In this article, we will be sharing their types and usage.

In modern Feng Shui, there exists a few reasons for using crystals. First, it is leveraging on the nature energy or magnetic field of the raw material mined directly from earth. Second, as a substitution of Feng Shui item which may appear out of place when placing in the house. Third, easy maintenance and do not require any consecration.

Normally, the crystals are recommend based on their composite material which gave them their unique colors. As such, we will touch on material, colors and effects for better understanding. However, we will not go into origins or selection of a good crystal.

Amethyst (Purple)

Image 1. Amethyst

One of the popular recommendation is the purple crystal known as amethyst. They belong to the quartz family. In Feng Shui context, it has multiple usages and normally placed in the wealth area.

Known to have the following Feng Shui effects; increase wealth, wisdom, relationship and reduce fatigue.

It is also known for averting Sha Qi (煞气) by placing an entire crystal geode (水晶洞) in a specific area of a house. A crystal geode with a cover are usually used as treasure wealth bowl (聚宝盆).

Citrine (Yellow)

Image 2. Citrine

Yellow crystal or Citrine is another popular recommendation. They belong to the quartz family.

Known for its wealth booster purpose. Another usage is to improve focus and spark creativity for its owner.

Often seen in office to generate sales or house wealth area to boost both direct and indirect wealth.

Rose Quartz (Pink)

Image 3. Quartz (Pink)

Rose quartz or pink crystals are used in Feng Shui to improve relationships and lessen quarrels, gossips and rumors for the owner. They are known to improve one’s love life such as finding their other half.

Rock Crystal (Clear)

Image 4. Rock Crystal (Clear)

Rock crystal or known as the purest form of quartz due to its colorless appearance. Main purpose is on improving clarity of thought. Amplifying the intention of thoughts, especially during prayer or mediation.

Onyx (Black)

Image 5. Onyx

Onyx (缟玛瑙) is one of the varieties of layered chalcedony. They help to cleanse negative energy and also used to dispel negative spirits. Commonly seen in mediation. Only downside requires Onyx cleansed to remove the negative energy absorbed.

In modern Feng Shui, they are one of the popular recommendation.

Tourmaline (Black)

Image 6. Tourmaline

Tourmaline (黑碧玺) is another black crystal that may not be popular in Feng Shui but more commonly seen in the west.

Best known for neutralizing negative energy into positive before releasing back into space. Best found in living room or office which mainly used to cleanse the negative energy. It also required less maintenance than Onyx.

Obsidian (Black)

Image 7. Obsidian

Obsidian (黑曜石) belongs to the volcanic glass family. It serves similar purpose as the other black crystal; shielding negative energy. Commonly made into personal wear for protection rather than placement in house or office.

Jade (Green)

Image 8. Jade

Jade is used for bringing good luck and prosperity. Often crafted into auspicious symbols, deities or creatures to bring the wearer luck and good health. To bring nobility and prosperity, it is often crafted into Ruyi or Cabbage (See image 8) to bring wealth to the family.

Pyrite (Rock – Fool’s Gold)

Image 9. Pyrite

Known as pyrite or fool’s gold (愚人金). In Feng Shui, they are said to attract wealth and gold due to its appearance. Normally, Feng Shui will place a wealth bowl in front of the stone located in the wealth area to attract wealth.

Glass Crystal

Image 10. Glass Crystal

Lastly, glass crystal (琉璃) is another Feng Shui modern art piece. Similar to Jade purpose; commonly placed in home or office to enhance the Feng Shui.

Hopefully, above information give a clear and easy to understand on different crystals, stones and their effect.

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Thank you & Good Luck !

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