• Why book the service through you and not direct?
    • Well, there are a few benefits for booking through us.

      1. There are some monetary incentives for booking through us to help you offset the service fee (depending on the services & master booked).
      2. We do provide escrow service for the service fee and this protect the end users from any downside.
      3. You can give reviews on the engaged master so other in future will benefit from this too.
  • Can I still give rating since I have engaged this Feng Shui master before?
    • Yes, you can by signing up in our platform.

      There are 2 ways to give a rating; 1) Signing up and booked a service  2) Engaged before and love to give a rating

      We will curate the rating reviews to prevent indirect advertising or spam in our platform.  We do recommend if you can provide a photo of you and the master (often taken after audit is done).

  • What are your charges?
    • We do not charge any fee to the users who booked the service.  We earn a small amount of pre-agreed fee with the Feng Shui master who provided the service.

      Secondly, after the service is completed, you can rate the Feng Shui master using our platform.  So in future, others will know more about this Feng Shui master pros and cons.

  • Why Choose Us?
      1. We provide a neutral and non-conflict of interest for our users.  As such, this totally eliminated the bias you read in individual Feng Shui master website.

      2. We eliminate the hassle of you finding different Feng Shui masters through various websites, forums and hearsay.  We aim to provide a review-based community on Feng Shui masters shared by you and your peers (just by signing up).
      3. We provide one of the most comprehensive Feng Shui services to match your needs during different phases in life.  The matched search should match your expectation so you have little surprises during your event.
      4. We worked closely with the Feng Shui masters as much as possible to provide the best service to you.  Give us some time we are just starting this up and improve as much as we can.
      5. We do not provide Feng Shui consultancy services and we only facilitate the matching services of your needs and Feng Shui masters.  This is why we aim to do this really well and above the rest.

  • What can this platform do for me?
    • We especially designed this platform to help you search and match your needs against the correct group of Feng Shui masters.  Through booking via us will ensure a smooth transaction in your Feng Shui services.

      Feng Shui masters often have different skillsets & religious backgrounds and you have to find the one who can match your expectation depending on your event in your life phase.

      Lastly, you can give back to the community for other similar as you by giving a review on the Feng Shui master (just by signing up!).

      We also have a blog for you to understand more on Feng Shui information &knowledge.

  • Who is Feng Shui Da House?
    • We are a service platform that facilitates you to effectively find & book the desired master matching your expectation.  We also share information and knowledge on Feng Shui to equip you for basic understanding.  Information shared is done through our due diligence, integrity and honesty.

      As we are not providing any Feng Shui consultancy services, we are different from other Feng Shui masters’ websites as we provide a neutral perspective.

      We aim to help people who are new to Feng Shui, facing issues or improve their quality of life to better their decision making in master selection and eliminates the hassle of going through multiple forums or friends’ hearsay.

      We seek your understanding & support in sharing your reviews to making this community sustainable and a better quality of life for all of us.