How to select the right Fengshui master?

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Previous article, we described the impacts of different water features found in a house environment. Examples of water pathway are river, canal, road, etc…  The article serves as a quick guide for house owners going on house hunting or having such water elements around their house.

In this article, we will share about the decision-making factors for consideration when choosing a Feng Shui master. Hopefully, this will aide in your decision making. This process is also what Feng Shui In Da House do when selecting the right master for you.

Given the complexity & vast knowledge in Feng Shui, master’s personalities and styles, house owners often end up in choice paradox or eventually leave it to affinity.  Nevertheless, 3 possible outcomes will surface:

  1. Best Outcome

  2. Status quo

  3. Worst Outcome

There are two parts to the above outcomes. First part comprises the quality of decision making and second is the quality of the outcome.  Outcome is what we cannot control and the part which you can control to a certain degree is the quality of decision making. This boils down to the information sources available and factors identified during the decision making process.

Quality of Decision Making: Information Sources

At present, decision making is derived from following:

  1. Forums

  2. Friends’ hearsay

  3. Newspaper

  4. Online advertising

  5. Feng Shui master website/ Facebook

These are mostly information that is unreliable & inaccurate as they are biased or paid advertisement. Hidden from this is the other side of the story.

Side A (House Owner): House owner may finger pointing the master’s capability for poor outcomes and post review online.  However, factors such as their own inaction on following through master’s audit request  are not mentioned in review. This is something master has no control. You can read more about this in our article.

Side B (Master): On the other hand, ‘bad lemons in the industry’ where the masters are not even aware of it!  Main factors such as conflict of interest or master’s style of audit that do not meet the house owner’s expectation.  This can easily be iron out in near future based on our platform reviews.  You can read about them here.

Rest assured our platform serves as a good source of credibility for owners to book master and give reviews.  These set of actions will help other owners in making the right decison in near future.  Not only that, uplift the standard in Feng Shui community.

Quality of Decision Making: Factors to Consider

Below are commonly seen factors (Priority depends on owner’s preference):

  1. Availability of Owner

  2. Budget Range

  3. Minor/ Major Renovation Involve

  4. Feng Shui Items to be Purchased

  5. Hidden Cost

  6. Religion VS Free-thinking background

  7. Able to achieve desired needs/ outcome

  8. House owner’s interest at heart

Above factors are often not discussed with master before engagement. Either they are busy doing audit engagement and see this as a pure transaction, not keen doing administrative stuff or answering “free” questions.  This often resulted mis-aligned in expectation and lead to unhappiness piling on top of house owner existing life challenges.

What Feng Shui In Da House provides is trust-able recommendation using our complimentary service to get the right master based on our internal curated knowledge in this industry. In addition, we are constantly curating & adding masters to better serve different owners’ need.  Second is to leverage above factors to match your expectation which will also aide in your decision making.

By taking above action, this will greatly improve the quality of decision making within your control.  This in turn leads to a higher probability of better outcome in your life.

Hopefully, above article gives a good understanding of the approach in selecting Feng Shui master. Reach out to us and let us know your needs to book the right master.

Next article, we will talk on how to choose your own fortune cat?

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Thank you & Good Luck !

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