Design your business with Fengshui Part 2

Name Card Feng Shui design

This is our 2nd articles on using Feng Shui to improve your business. Our last article, we touched on basic fengshui concept in designing name cards. In this article, we will touch on fengshui setup in office. The setup intention is to create a smooth airway in the office which hopefully tap on the positive energy to create harmony.

Below is a list of non-exhaustive items to look out for:

  1. Finance department is recommended to be in an area where there is least human traffic movement. Intention is to harness the energy without frequent movement which disrupt the department concentration.
  2. If office environment allows, recommended not to have beams over the office seating as this create unnecessary pressure.
  3. Similar to house fengshui, mirror recommended not to face the door.
  4. Back of the seating recommended not to face the toilet directly.
  5. Toilet recommended not to face the office seating as well.
  6. Office seating recommended not to face the main door directly. Due to the pressure difference between office and outside environment, the airflow will be the greatest as office workers will constantly getting gusts of wind.
  7. Lightnings is recommended to be placed at ceiling with adequate lightnings.
  8. Not recommended to have office seating facing the walkway as the airflow will also create a constant pressure or distraction to the workers.
  9. For fish tank, the position has to be advised by master if it is recommend to have and in which area. Best to be in wealth position or near main door entrance.
  10. Office seating for worker and management positions recommended to have a wall or cabinet behind their back to serve as a backing.
  11. Ceiling leakage or crack signify wealth leakage and advise to fix them as soon as possible.
  12. Flooring of the entire office recommended to be even surface with no holes or humps.

Above short checklist will give you a quick assessment when you are sourcing new office space or reviewing your current office. Remember that a good office environment is equivalent to giving a good environment for your office workers to thrive in and improve your business.

Lastly, you can always approach us for consultation. We are there to help!

Thank you & Good Luck!

Feng Shui In Da House

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