Design your business with FengShui Part 3

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Our 3rd and last series of Feng Shui your business will be on site selection. Last article, we shared a list of Do’s & Don’t on Fengshui setup in office/ factory. This article will be sharing the preferred checklist when viewing a site environment. Office will be referred as factory or office or any business property.

Below is a list of preferred items:

  1. Facing of office main door is important as this govern the airflow into the office. This direction facing is preferred not to have any Fengshui hazard items which will create negative airflow (Sha Qi).
  2. Allocation of different office functions such as sales or accounting are priorities based on direction. Example finance allocation is usually preferred in the west.
  3. The front or back of the site environment has a straight road leading directly to it. In office, this can be a long narrow walkway. This create an airflow of negative vibes. You can read more in our article.
  4. Good human traffic helps to garner wealth & harmony. If the site during usual hours do not have human traffic, the site may not be an ideal place for office setup.
  5. Avoid main office door directly facing another door or near public toilet. This creates a conflicts where it signify neighbor may be taking away your positive airflow which relates to wealth. More can be read here regarding main door hazards.
  6. Natural lighting into the office has to be bright and not dim. This creates a more vibrant place where one prefer to work in.
  7. Overhead bridge, highway or concave road cutting the office site. This signify the employee and owner may face potential incidents.
  8. Main door opening should be open and bright. It preferred not to be dim, narrow or uneven surface.
  9. Site selection is preferred not to be in alley corner or last shop in a row.
  10. In some site environment, direction of the water flowing is important as it signify where the wealth goes to. This does not apply to all sites.

Hope above checklist will give you a quick assessment when you are sourcing new office space or reviewing your current office. Remember that a good office environment is equivalent to giving a good environment for your office workers to thrive in and improve your business.

Lastly, you can always approach us for consultation. We are there to help!

Thank you & Good Luck!

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