Kitchen Feng Shui Audit

In previous article, we talked about top 3 critical areas to consider in a Feng Shui audit.  We are delving in depth on kitchen audit areas and suggestions.

For kitchen Feng Shui, stove is the most important element and placed top priority in placement and the nearby conditions.  Below are the common areas assess during a Kitchen audit :

1. Stove (This was explained in this article)

2. Fridge

3. Kitchen Sink

4. Toilet

5. Rice Container



Fridge in Feng Shui context signify the family wealth as it is a physical space for storing food.  An abundance of food indicates the family is able to afford the basic necessities easily and no worries about daily meals.  Below illustrates a fridge ideal conditions and their placement in a kitchen.

Ideal conditions recommendation

1. Best to avoid fridge directly facing another door

2. Best to avoid placed too near toilet area or the stove

3. Best to avoid fridge been seen directly when entering main door

4. Fridge should always be kept clean and tidy and throw away spoilt food.  A common sign in Singapore is that owners like to over pack stuff and did not throw when past expiry

5. Fridge should be used to store mainly for food.  If need to store medicine, ensure they are tightly sealed.

6. Best to avoid storing other stuff that may create weird smell over a period of time.

7. For colors preference, best to consult Feng Shui Master as this is usually based on individual’s Bazi

8. Best to avoid an empty fridge


Kitchen Sink

In Feng Shui context, kitchen sink signify water element.  Compared to stove, it is not a critical element during an audit.  Though, there are some basic Dos & Don’ts to be mindful of.

Ideal conditions recommendation

1. Best to avoid placing too near the stove

2. Prefer to have the tap head facing inwards the house and not towards the windows

3. Hygiene purposes:

a. Sink preferred to kept clean and dry after washing as germs will reside and grow under room temperature

b. Sink preferred for washing food and not for washing hands after toilet usage or dirty items



For new HDB design layout, toilet has been re-located along the house corridor area.  For older flat design layout, toilet is often found in the kitchen.  Below are the ideal recommendations:

1. Best to avoid toilet located in the kitchen area itself as this signify family disharmony.

2. Best to avoid toilet located in middle of house layout as this indicates poor health for the family members

3. Prefer to place some air refreshers in toilet to cover the bad smell

4. Prefer to have the toilet clean and tidy

5. Prefer to place some plants to serve as natural air cleanser.  Examples are common ivy, Viper’s bowstring hemp, Devil’s ivy, etc…

To learn more, you can read our plants and flowers articles on enhancing Feng Shui in your home.

common ivy.jpg

Common Ivy (example here is England Ivy)


Snake plant.jpg

Viper’s bowstring hemp


Devil's ivy.jpg

Devil’s Ivy

Rice Container

Rice container is not often talked about in Feng Shui audit in Singapore.  This depends on the Feng Shui master knowledge culture.  However, we mentioned this as rice container is similar to a fridge in Feng Shui context and should be equally important.  Below are the ideal conditions recommendation for a rice container.

Ideal conditions recommendation

1. Prefer to be made in clay/ porcelain material as rice belongs to earth element.  Common usage in Singapore is storing rice in a plastic container which represents fire element.  This also explain why olden days, it is often storage in an clay material.

2. Prefer placement is 45 degree opposite the kitchen door.  This represent the kitchen wealth spot but it may not be practical as this depends on the kitchen layout and design.

3. Best to avoid placement in east or south east direction as this represents wood element (wood against earth, read here for more details)

4. Prefer to be in circle or square as this signify abundance (圆满).


Hopefully, above article gives a guideline of areas to identify during a kitchen audit with some constructive suggestions. Our next article will talked about Which comes first, Good Fortune OR Good Feng Shui House ?

Else, you can read our article on which are your favorable directions when choosing a house.


Thank you & Good Luck !

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