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Hazel asked 3 years ago

Hello, I have download your guide. Inside mentioned on the general forecast, may I know if this is accurate for my zodiac?
My zodiac is goat by the way.

1 Answers
Main Author Staff answered 3 years ago

Hello Hazel,
Thanks for downloading our Feng Shui Guide 2020!
On the general forecasts 2020, it is meant as a general guide for people born under this zodiac and the lucky & unlucky stars affecting in year 2020.It does not mean this applies to everyone under this zodiac as individual triumph general group in this scenario.
For individual forecast, we recommend to go via us, Feng Shui In Da House, to find your master to decode your Bazi reading/ other readings (under individual reading) as this is custom to your needs and direction.
Lastly, beside individual reading, we have year 2020 flying stars in our guide which you can use to your advantage in your house.

Hope above clarifies.
Thank you.