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S Wang asked 1 year ago

My Kua number is 2, but I happen about to rent an apartment with East Facing.
My bedroom is in the Southwest area. Is there any remedy for this?

The stove is also located in the East, but not visible from the main door upon entry. Is this ok?

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Main Author Staff answered 1 year ago

Hello Wang,
Your Kua number, stove and bedroom direction belongs to Eight Mansion FengShui (八宅风水)。The Kua number is used as a guidance to search for apartment based on the main door direction. Under Kua 2, there are 4 favorable directions you can choose from, namely West, South-west. North-west and North-east.
Rather than based on direction, the furniture placement and airflows (air circulation) are other important factors to consider about. Stove not visible is generally fine. However, direction of stove will be related to family member (if you are staying as one family:e.g. Father, mother, son, daughter) and also other placement/ layout near to the stove.
The layout and furniture placement would make sense to have a professional and ethical master to advise based on your Bazi (or family member Bazi). Buying Fengshui ornament as a remedy would not work as this changes nothing in the perspective of airflows and pathway in the house.
Hope above clarifies.