DWQA QuestionsCategory: Bazi ReadingHow come so many masters? Who to choose?
angela paulk asked 3 years ago

Hi, how come so many masters? who to choose?

Please help.
Thank you

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Main Author Staff answered 3 years ago

Hello Angela,

Thanks for the question.

We are an online platform where we curated & worked with experienced masters in Singapore; well-known in their own specialty fields or upcoming new stars. This is to cater for different needs of the people, both commercial and residential. They are well-known in their own fields and we helped to make up the online presence.

For master selection, we recommend to based not only on price point and also their metaphysics background. Example, some prefer master with Taoism background as they have altar at home. Others might prefer master with pure metaphysics with no religion & selling of Feng Shui items. Another example is people might want to have their reading done through tarot cards/ vedic reading which is only provided by a group of masters (where this can be found through us).

As we work closely with masters, we provide transparency by sharing with you the same package and pricing that you can find in them. Secondly, another of our value-added service is the advantage of getting an earlier time slot when booked through us.

Lastly, we are the only website in Singapore where the Feng Shui knowledge and masters are consolidated here. This assure you that you are able to find find one who can match your needs and budget within a short period of time. Eliminating the hassle of mindless browsing via forums, heresy or friends which might give you incorrect or failed Feng Shui result.

Hope the above clarifies your doubt.

If you have other questions or problems finding the desired master, you can reach out to me via email or whatsapp.

Thank you.