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Angie asked 3 years ago

Hi There,
I’m concerned about my house placement in relation to 2 waterfalls. Our house faces the road in a rain forest area. We are on a hill/cliff. The back of the house faces the ocean (6km away) and forest. During very wet seasons I have a waterfall that runs on the left and right of the house. I’m concerned about what is happening to the energy in my house due to these waterfalls running both sides down the hill. When rain is heavy they are obviously bigger and more intense. Right now just the one on the right when facing the front door is running and makes a nice sound. It is about 10 meters from my front door. The one on the left when running is about 20 meters from the front door.
Any suggestions about what is happening and what I can do would be appreciated.

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Main Author Staff answered 3 years ago

Hello Angie,
Thanks for reaching out.
There are a few things to take note in the context of Feng Shui.

  1. Facing direction of your house main door
  2. Eight Mansion Feng Shui will be used to read
  3. Annual Flying Stars in 2020
  4. Assessment of the flow and water quality and height of waterfall

Eight Mansion Approach
In Feng Shui context, water refers to wealth and the flow of water is preferred to be smooth and clean quality. Preferably, water has to be constantly moving to bring in wealth and not stagnant which mean dead water.
In term of eight mansion, having a waterfall on the left of the house generally means wealth and prosperity. However, there is a need to assess the quality, flow and height of the waterfall.
For the waterfall in front of the door, this need to assess how big is your porch and the proportional size in relation to your house. Though, 10 metres may be slightly too near to the door and cause slight discomfort in walkway when coming in from front. 
For the ocean facing the back of your house, if there is no blockage in between, the only impact is the salty wind. The ocean is too far to have an impact on your house, so don’t need worry on this portion.
Annual Flying Stars in 2020 (Internal House)
Every year, the flying stars will change their direction and their placement. For detail, guide can be found here
Hope above clarifies.
Lastly, if you still have doubt, you can reach out directly to us for assistance in property audit and how to change them.
Thank you.