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— Anthony Lee


Anthony is a Classical Feng Shui Master. His key specialized segments of consulting Feng Shui include Personal, Residential and Corporate Business.

For more than 10 years, he has managed a series of successful client projects, spanning across a wide spectrum of industries, such as international logistics, bio-pharmaceutical, commodities trading, financial institutions, hospitality, etc.

​Anthony’s knowledge of the mystical Feng Shui consulting allows in-depth application and customization towards each client’s requirements.

Naming Service

A name is one of the first gifts parents give a child, so I recommend
they select it the way one would select a gift for others – for enjoyment & beneficial use of the recipient

Anthony Lee

Anthony’s naming service catered to both newborn and adult naming.

The objective for an auspicious Chinese name is to allow your child a good head start in life.
Hence, having a favourable set of Chinese name will acquire the benefits as stated:

  • Develop positive character and personality
  • Do well in academic studies
  • Foster good health
  • Enhance interpersonal relationships
  • Receive support from nobleman in life

For adult naming wise, Anthony will analysis the root cause first before changing name in order to solve the issue correctly. This is the level of standard Feng Shui In da House and Master Anthony maintained. Nonetheless, our clients are always happy with our service and turnaround time. After some time, they will return to Feng Shui In da House to engage our service again.

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