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Property Audit

We are pleased to provide following services:

  • Pre-selection residential property
  • Pre-selection commercial property
  • Residential property audit (e.g. 2-rm/ 3-rm/ 4-rm/ 5-rm HDB/ EA/ EC)
  • Commercial property audit (e.g. Jumbo/ Condo/ Landed)

Let us help you get the result without hassle of searching for master online or getting unproven audit result after 3-6 months with other masters.

Explore here for our star recommendation on audit service.

Book through us now for an appointment.

  • Email us hello@fengshuidahouse.com for local or overseas queries
  • Contact us @ +65 8358 0492 via whatsapp for local queries

Feng Shui In Da House has the most comprehensive services which matches your needs & budget. We are the No. 1 Feng Shui platform offering consultancy services, events and online courses by working with curated top masters specialise in their own fields.

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