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Home lifestyle is incorporating Fengshui into your home, using modern visual items and aroma to generate positive vibes. We will be introducing items that integrate Fengshui elements without distorting your home theme. Some of the items are modern arts, aroma therapy, other display ornaments, etc…

Through these visual triggers and advice from our star recommended masters, we hope to activate the positive energy and improve your quality of life. Our goal in setting this platform is to be a 3rd party independent provider. This set us apart from from masters who is selling you items from their ends.


Glittering Gold 遍地黄金

Above is an example of an art print. The pricing is affordable and serve the same purpose as a hand-drawn art. Do reach us out for other art print you are keen in.

Aroma Therapy

Curating in progress

Mental Wellness

Curating in progress

Explore our star recommendation here on audit service.

Personal Lifestyle

Fengshui lifestyle
Meaningful designed Bracelets

Collaborating with Artist Shu, founder of Covet Crystals Jewelry (CCJ). they offer customised bracelets for crystal healing.

We worked with them as they are one of the ethical jewelry online retails who curates natural crystals into art piece for crystal healing. This aligns with our direction of working with quality, ethical and aesthetic suppliers.

Reach out to them and let them know you are recommend from us. If not, feel free to approach us for consultancy advice on crystal healing, healing sessions or courses.

Fengshui lifestyle
Lucky Pendant

Working with one of our star recommended Chinese Metaphysics consultancy firms, Zen Metaphysics Arts (ZMA). They select natural crystals to create customised lucky pendant for clients.

Book through us now for an appointment.

  • Email us hello@fengshuidahouse.com for local or overseas queries
  • Contact us @ +65 8358 0492 via whatsapp for local queries

Feng Shui Da House has the most comprehensive services which matches your needs & budget. We are the No. 1 Feng Shui platform offering consultancy services, events and online courses by working with curated top masters specialise in their own fields.

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