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Feng Shui In Da House shared some insights on Astrology Natal Chart service.

Our intention is to share what is Natal chart objective and its limitation to prevent wrong tool chosen to solve your problem.

This prevent loss of precious time & money when wrong choice of tool chosen to solve a problem.

We hope through this sharing, the consultation experience will be a positive and seamless process as we take pride in positive outcome.

Selecting the right consultant is an important factor. Through our platform, we have done the curation process by identifying result-proven and ethical masters who will not cross-sell Fengshui items. Instead, they will focus at the goal on hand to solve your problem.


1. Bazi, Zi Wei Dou Shu, Astrology Natal Chart and birth date Numerology are tools which indicates who you are based on the birth date & time.

2. These tools are useful in identifying your life outlook such as individual personality, wealth, health and relationships between parents, wife, siblings, friends, benefactors, boss and subordinates.

3. Natal chart required your birth location, birth date & time. The chart is then derived at this exact moment based on how the planets are aligned, in which constellation and the distance from each planets.

4. Interpretation of Natal chart is unique for each individual. 3 major elements in a natal chart are used to define your personalities, motivation and desires. They are Planet + Sign + House. These elements in turn bring out your strengths & weakness. Like your DNA.

5. Natal chart is not useful in identifying which time period, phase or cycle to decide whether to invest (attack) or retract (defend) in which areas. It is a tool to provide insights of your personalities, motivation and desires.

6. Not used as a tool to devise a specific solution or identify solution to better solve an existing problem. Such problem required divination tools such as Qi Men Dun Jia, cartomancy, tarot, I-Ching divination, Plum divination, coins divination, etc for asking a specific question to a solution.

Example, Divination is used to calculate the probability if this project is good to bid for or if this stock is the right time to buy.

7. Getting your Natal chart right is critical as is highly dependent on the birth time. A good master, whom we curated in this platform, will validate first before forecasting on your life outlook. This greatly increase the accuracy and allow you to make an internal assessment to make the right choice moving forward.

8. Natal Chart gives you the advantage to understand yourself and how to best work with others towards your own definition of success.

9. Below are two info-graphics to illustrate Natal Chart meanings.

Astrology Birth Chart
Astrology Natal Chart

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