Divination Service (占扑预测)

Feng Shui In Da House shared some insights on divination service.

Our intention is to share what is divination objective and its limitation to prevent wrong tool chosen to solve your problem.

This prevent loss of precious time & money when wrong choice of tool chosen to solve a problem.

We hope through this sharing, the consultation experience will be a positive and seamless process as we take pride in positive outcome.

Selecting the right person to do the job is another factor to consider. Here in our platform, we have done the curation process for you. Curated masters will not cross-sell Fengshui items and and instead focus on the goal on hand to solve your problem.


1. Cartomancy using Qi Men Dun Jia, Yi-Ching, tarot, Liu Yao using coins or objects, I-Ching, Plum divination are tools which indicates a likely outcome based on divination results. Divination is normally based on the vibrational frequency or energy of the individual.

2. No birth date or time is required.

3. Normally used to ask a specific question on a situation pertaining to wealth, relationship, health, business, career, etc…

4. Outcome derived from divination may change based on the individual actions.

5. Question asked need to be well-thought and strategise so time & effort are not wasted in asking redundant questions.

Below are the recommended masters who provide the service

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