Fengshui lim

Know The Path Ahead and Change It

— Eric Lim


Master Eric belongs to XuanKong Wu Chang Sect where it originate from China imperial palace.

It is a fengshui sect which have a few thousand years of history based on known history. There is no commercial items needed to buy during fengshui audit and only need to adjust your house with path and water plus some five elements recognised in metaphysics.

His expertise lies in Flying Stars & traditional Bazi. Successfully predicted the drastic slide of Dow Jones from Jan to Mar 2020 found in his FB postings. In year 2019 CNY, also predicted the US and China trade war will worsen. Another successful prediction is the outcome of UK Premier will be unsuccessful in her talk on UK departure from the EU.

Bazi Service

Eric’s service will help to analysis the following for you based on your birthdate & time

1. Existing 10 year luck cycle and how it is impacting your present moments. Suggestions will be shared on actions to improve.

2. Current year is good for marriage, career, health and wealth. Also will share on the potential pitfalls lies ahead.

3. For any major life decisions, Master Lim will based on your Bazi to share with you recommendations.

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