Gracy YAP Golden Number Academy

By understanding the numbers behind your name and birthday as well as the numbers that work for you, like a weather report ahead of time, you can avoid falling into the pit and steer clear of negatives while you harness your power days to their maximum

Gracy YAP


Gracy YAP is the founder of Gracy Yap Golden Numbers Academy, and a skillful practitioner of both mystic ancient Chaldean and modern Pythagorean Systems. She is a born clairvoyant by virtue of her birthdate and name.

Gracy was featured on national TV and press in Malaysia and Singapore as well as other media for her bestselling books and services. She is the author of “Secrets of Golden Numbers”, a Kindle Top 100 bestseller on Amazon, as well as several books on numerology. She was hired by prestigious brands such as LVMH and Mont Blanc for  branding events to offer readings for their clients, a testament to the effectiveness of her metaphysics practice.

She is a DISCAsiaPlus certified Human Behaviour Consultant, Intuitive Master Numerologist, bestselling Author, certified Book of Life (aka Akashic Records) Specialist, certified Angel Intuitive (Doreen Virtue, Hay House) and a certified Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner. She holds a professional teaching diploma from the University of Cambridge (with Distinction) and a Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching.

She has served thousands of clients from all walks of life with her spot-on readings and now has an international student base from all over the world through her online classes and in person workshops.

For almost 2 decades, she has been practicing numerology and her mission is to touch and transform lives.

Naming Service

Gracy YAP’s service has been highly sought after and Feng Shui in Da House is pleased to collaborate with her to bring you her numerology service.

Gracy YAP’s naming service is targeted at both newborn and adult naming.

For newborn naming, Gracy will request from the parents desired qualities for the baby in order to arrive at a list of suitable auspicious names. This list will be compatible with the child’s destiny number and birth date.

For adult naming wise, Gracy YAP will based on the birth date and name numerology to assess if the name fits the individual. After which, she will suggest changes which will help the individual to improve their life aspect.

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