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Your destiny is our mission

Jimmiey Chia


Master Jimmiey was raised in a Feng Shui Family. From young, cultivated and explored in Yin & Yang of the Five Elements, Eight Trigrams and Bazi. Further studied under wings of renowned I-Ching masters to become an I-Ching specialist.

With more than 20 years consulting experience in Singapore and overseas, mastered other I-Ching aspects such as Bazi, Metaphysics Geomancy, prediction and many more.

Wearing a double hat, teaches I-Ching in his own ZMA academy to share his vast knowledge and wisdom.

Bazi Service

Jimmiey’s Bazi service is based on his vision of “Your destiny is our mission“

A combination of above vision and I-Ching knowledge in Bazi, he provides an unique yet accurate perspective. Using I-Ching, Yin Yang & 5 elements, he is able to decode correctly on past, present and near future events.

Simply quote “FSDHBazi” for special discount when directly engaging Jimmiey service or request quote from us here. If not, contact us below directly for assistance.

Jimmiey’s Online Courses