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Your destiny is our mission



Master Joeey is a Singapore-based Feng Shui practitioner from Zen Metaphysics Arts.

She first got in touch with Chinese metaphysics while searching for ways to improve her family’s lives. After her personal turnaround, her curiosity in this field started to become a passion.

Eventually this passion allows her to become a full time practitioner. Setting out with an intention to help people looking to improve their personal lives.

Through constantly improving on her knowledge, she is able to provide a range of services such as name selection, career mapping and Feng Shui audit analysis. Using “energy harnessing” methods of Feng Shui, western astrology and numerology, she captivates her clients with insights, charm and humor.

Using the disciplines of Bazi & Feng Shui, she aims to transform the lives of people. Helping them to improve their lives using their talents and strength in their unique way.

Baby Naming Service

Joeey’s Baby naming service is based on her vision of “Your destiny is our mission“

A combination of above vision and I-Ching knowledge in using Bazi, she provides giving set of Chinese names.

Simply quote “FSDHAudit” for special discount when directly engaging Joeey’s service or request quote from us here. If not, contact us below directly for assistance.