Alchemy Consultancy service
Master Renaye

To Bring Positive Transformation To People who Consult Us

— Renaye


Renaye, certified Reiki master who also certified in numerology, crystals & colours, Aura-Soma, and energy healing areas. In addition, she is a professional tarot & astrology consultant and trainer.

With more than 19 years of experience both as practitioner and workshop trainer. Her speciality lies in tarot, numerology and astrology which teaches thousands of students worldwide.

Divination Service (Tarot)

Renaye Tarot service will consists of below packages:

  • 0.5 hour session
  • 1 hour session

Renaye using Tarot cards will be able to give you clarity of what potentially will happen in near future (within next 2 years or less). She is able to share insights on potential pitfalls fore things escalate.

Simply quote “FSDHTarot” to enjoy special discount when directly engaging Paul service or request quote from us here (Paul quote is the same as Renaye). If not, contact us below directly for assistance.