Numerology Service (数字密码服务)

Feng Shui In Da House shared some insights on Numerology service.

Our intention is to share what is Numerology objective and its limitation to prevent wrong tool chosen to solve your problem.

This prevent loss of precious time & money when wrong tool chosen to solve a problem.

Selecting the right person to do the job is another factor to consider. Here in our platform, we have done the curation process for you. Curated masters will not cross-sell crystals and instead focus on the goal on hand to solve your problem.

We hope through this sharing, the experience with us will be positive and seamless ones.


1. Bazi, Zi Wei Dou Shu, Astrology Natal Chart and birth date Numerology are tools which indicates who you are based on the birth date & time.

2. These tools are useful in identifying your life outlook such as individual personality, wealth, health and relationships between parents, wife, siblings, friends, benefactors, boss and subordinates.

3. They are useful when identifying which time period, phase or cycle to decide whether to invest (attack) or retract (defend) in which areas.

4. Mainly used as a planning tool to strategise which industry, partner, person to work with or invest your time & effort in to optimise your chance of success.

Example, if this business partner is suitable to work with, if this person is your life partner or which period should be careful in term of health, wealth or relationship.

5. Not used as a tool to devise or identify a specific solution to solve a problem. Such scenario-based problem required divination tools such as Qi Men Dun Jia, cartomancy, tarot, I-Ching divination, Plum divination, coins divination, etc for asking a specific question to a solution.

Example, Divination is used to calculate the probability if this project is good to bid for or if this stock is the right time to buy.

6. Core of Numerology concept is based on numeric values associated with an individual (e.g. Name, Birth date, apartment number, mobile number, car plate, etc…) which sum up a specific value. This value signifies a meaning behind it and how it affects your life path. Associating or changing numbers to resonate with your core numerology benefits and improve your life.

7. There are quite a few Numerology systems exist which slightly differ from each other in term of calculation methods and meaning. The better known ones are Pythagorean, Chaldean, Chinese and Indian Numerology systems.

8. Numerology can apply to a wide range of application. Following are some areas.

  • Name numerology: Finding the meaning and the affect of using the name
  • Baby name numerology: Choosing a Christian name for newborn based on birth date
  • Birth date numerology: Determine the life path and also how the current year is affecting you.
  • Apartment unit / Mobile phone numerology: Assess if the residential or commercial unit or mobile number resonate with your core numerology. Associating numbers improves the energy and begets positive effects in life.
  • Business/ Life Partner numerology: Assess if the counterpart is suitable for your business or as a life partner.

9. Numerology gives you the advantage to leverage opportunity at the right timing based on your birth date and the year or month period you are trying to start an opportunity.

10. Numerology gives you the advantage to understand yourself and how to best work with others towards your goal.

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