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To Bring Positive Transformation To People who Consult Us

— Paul


Paul, certified Fengshui master and also an ACTA-certified instructor who conducted both corporate seminars and workshops across Asia.

With more than 20 years of experience, he has conducted hundreds of seminars and workshops on Fengshui for clients range from corporate clientel to young professionals.

With his culmination of skills, he has been able to provide holistic
solutions that apply aesthetically to the urban and corporate environment, effecting significant change in the outcome. This insight is what makes him so sought-after to learn the traditional wisdom from.

Fengshui Service

Paul Fengshui service will include following:

  • A scheduled date & time at onsite premise to take exact measurements on both external and internal premises.
  • Brief on family’s BaZi, along with instructions on auspicious and inauspicious colours, layouts and placements of all areas.
  • Recommended methods to rectify negative elements or sectors.
  • Any changes or suggestions by designers or contractors after this assessment can be sent to him for review.
  • Once firmed, auspicious dates for renovation and moving will be shared.
  • A 2nd physical visit to ensure all discussed plans are realised, and to correct any if not.
  • After renovation is completed, owner/s can purchase necessary items (if required) themselves.
  • There will be one final physical visit before the move-in date.

Simply quote “FSDHAudit” to enjoy special discount when directly engaging Paul service or request quote from us here. If not, contact us below directly for assistance.