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Get clarity by living out your birth chart


Hi, I’m YQ from Tarot Singapore Online.

Your friendly, non-psychic Tarot & Astrology Natal Chart reader.

Astrology Natal Chart Service

Using your natal chart, we explore

  • What’s your life’s mission, career and actual work you do
  • Who you really are? Your strength and weakness. Your work temperament.
  • Who do you serve? Who would pay you money? Who should you collaborate with?

With the ever changing landscape, I’m not able to pinpoint a particular job for you. (Try telling teenage you about a job as cryptocurrency trader.)

But we’ll be talking about the actions you’ll be taking in your career or daily work.

Recommended timing: 30 minutes career profiling and 15 minutes Q&A

What you’ll get

1. A 30-minute consultation explaining your Career Profiling using your astrological chart, and 15-minute Q&A

2. A recording of our session together hosted on a private link for your reference.

3. A computer-generated transcript of our session.

Simply input“Fengshui In Da House” when asked who refer you for this consultation? or request quote from us here. If not, contact us below directly for assistance.