12 Zodiac Forecast Year 2022

Fengshui da house chinese zodiac forecast

by Master Alvin

In the tiger year 2022, Feng Shui Da House collaborates with Master Alvin again to bring you the 12 Zodiac forecast.

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12 zodiacs analysis is very general. Bazi Profiling analysis more accurate for individual。Below are his 12 Zodiac forecast.


Zodiac Rat


This year is good. Even if you have challenges, if you work hard, everything will be ok. Unsatisfactory career luck will cause many problems, resulting in poor job development. In the event of challenges, auspicious stars will secretly
come to assist.

Career: Career path will be more bumpy. At the beginning of the year,have to face heavy tasks. Mistakes often occur and many people’s relation issue will encountered. Don’t force yourself in case of trouble, otherwise you will be framed.

Wealth: Easily get into conflict with people or economic disputes. Need to becareful with money management. Beware of money lending or be guarantor.

Relationship: This year’s relationship is smooth, the couple’s feelings reconciliation. Single people although there are some opposite sex appearing,but if you do not pay attention, may encounter frivolous people.

Health: Health luck is pretty good, no big impact. However, due to the interference of inauspicious stars, accidents may occur. You should also takecare of your body and mind, do not think blindly and increase your worries.

Zodiac Ox Feng Shui In Da House

肖牛 Ox

Maintaining good cleanliness will help you avoid numerous illnesses and sickness this year. To avoid intoxication and confusion, avoid nightclubs. Avoid overthinking, which increases anxiety. The delight of a new child will warm your fortunes.

Career: Focus on personnel relations this year for rewards. Take advantage of new opportunities in the second half of the year. Benefactors will help expand the business opportunity.

Wealth: There are also opportunities to make money this year. Ziwei star will also bring important noblemen to the Ox, grasp the opportunity, there isa chance to improve wealth luck.

Relationship: Couples relationship are smooth and happy. This year will be the excellent opportunity for the singles to confess to the person they interest. Under the auspicious stars, there will be happy events to come.

Health: This year must pay more attention to health, should not be too tired,do not eat funeral food. Lunar February do not drive far, easy to get into a car accident.

Zodiac Tiger Feng Shui In Da House

肖虎 Tiger

This year’s luck is mixed. You may encounter some troublesome things in your daily life and work. However, with the help of auspicious stars at work,difficulties can be solved if you adjust your mindset.

Career: There will be some fluctuations in career, often encountering great challenges. However, there is the help of the nobleman. This year, think twice about everything, but also pay attention to the credibility of the partner, heart and financial strength.

Wealth: Wealth is not very stable, because of improper investment and cause losses. Proper financial management, money should not be loaned out. Do not easily believe in the words of others.

Relationship: Pay attention to the way couples get along, mutual love,understanding, respect and happiness. This year will encounter more personnel disputes. But there will be auspicious stars to help, as long as the careful treatment of people around you, to peace. Singles who already have a lover, can consider entering the next phase of life.

Health: Moderate your diet, rest regularly and exercise more. It is not advisable to think too much. Pay special attention to traffic safety.

Zodiac Rabbit Feng Shui In Da House

肖兔 Rabbit

This year is relatively busy, there is work and gain. There are obvious changes in summer period. Note that there are changes in career, should not pay more attention to other people’s affairs, avoid listening to gossip. Do not lend money or be guarantor. It is recommended to seek progress in tranquility.

Career: It is advisable to hold on to the original foundation this year. Pay attention to the dynamic signs of the fourth, fifth and sixth months of the lunar calendar. All things have the secret help of noblemen, can also turn good career luck.

Wealth: Wealth changes are obvious this year, it is appropriate to properly apply the financial scheduling and turnover adjustments.

Relationship: Relationship is smooth and the couple is happy. Beware of social occasions, avoid alcohol and lust. Married friends beware of extramarital love. Single friends have good luck on peach blossoms.

Health: Pay attention to diet and living, take care of physical and mental health, everything should not be fantasy, to avoid only looking for trouble.

Zodiac Dragon Feng Shui In Da House

肖龍 Dragon

This year you will have to travel abroad or change your work environment, and you will have to work hard and be in another country. This year is not suitable for visiting the sick and send funeral. Also unfavourable to invest in business with others.

Career: This year’s business, it is advisable to guard for attack, hold on to past achievements. It is best not to cooperate with others in business, beware of the credibility of others.

Wealth: There are indirect wealth luck. Extra-income increases in lunar calendar two, four, seven, eight month obviously.

Relationship: As you will be easy bullied by people around you, gradually begin not to trust others. Calm thinking can avoid temptation and recognise the villain. Watch your words and actions to avoid trouble with right and wrong.

Health: Take care of your body, eat and live regularly and avoid overworking. More exercise and leisure activities, try to keep your mind happy.

Zodiac Snake Feng Shui In Da House

肖蛇 Snake

This year’s luck is bright with auspicious stars. Concerns about personal health and safety. Men must avoid unpredictability, friendships, and feminine entanglements. Less meddling, more guard, less strong head.

Career: Keep the original basis this year, everything has noblemen’s help. Maintain balance. This is a great opportunity to advance your career or expand your business.

Wealth: Be conservative this year. To be a surprise winner, “quiet is better than a move”. Apply interpersonal interactions correctly, and do not believe others’ words. In terms of indirect wealth, a little gambling is fine.

Relationship: This year’s relationship is smooth, the couple loves, and tolerance is a blessing. There are also joyous occasions at home.

Health: Pay attention to physical and mental maintenance, be more in touch with nature, and try to relax and be joyful. Avoid overthinking things to avoid feeling self-conscious. Maintaining the health of parents and elderly.

Zodiac Horse Feng Shui In Da House

肖馬 Horse
(1954、1966、1978、1990、2002 )

Luck not too ideal this year. Even if many things go well, inauspicious stars will still affect you. You must be assertive in everything, but peacefully.This year, do not hurry into a career, but take it slowly and steadily. Focus on personal safety and health this year.

Career: Luck is good with the help of the lucky stars, career will help halve the effort, grasp the opportunity, and enhance salary. Prevent the people from spreading false and damaging rumors.

Wealth: Wealth luck is normal and saving money is difficult. So you must manage your own wealth well this year. It is not recommended to lend money to others, and also should not be temptation by greed, resulting in loss.

Relationships: Married folks neglect their partners this year. The family will be attractive and joyful if you pay attention to how couples interact. This year’s singles will face a terrible peach blossom.

Health: Take care of their physical and emotional wellness. Do not overwork. To avoid road accidents, pay attention to the ordinary driving.

Zodiac Goat Feng Shui In Da House

肖羊 Goat

This year’s stars are auspicious for relationships and jobs. Singles will be fortunate, so seize the moment. It is better to perform at work if you can recognise the professional and financial luck.

Career: Excellent career growth. There will be a huge increase in the work will have to meet the nobleman. It’s easy to make mistakes in the technicalities of the problem, which allows the villain to easily fall on his sword. Observe words, actions, and contracts.

Wealth: Inauspicious stars will cause some fluctuation in wealth, causing some money in the lives of the scenario concerned. It is not advised to lend money to others, as there is no return.

Relationships: This year’s relationship luck is excellent thanks to auspicious stars. There will be nice family events. It’s best to have single pals of the other sex. The couple’s sentiments have warmed up.

Health: With the help of numerous lucky stars, it will go smoothly. Get more exercise, but also watch your diet.

Zodiac Monkey Feng Shui In Da House

肖猴 Monkey

Monkeys luck is fickle and this year it conflicts with Jupiter. Neither wealth nor health are beneficial. More likely to face obstacles and difficulties.This year, focus on traffic safety.

Career: Career will be affected but also lazier this year. Despite the problems and challenges, a happy and dazzling future is possible if you change your mentality.

Wealth: Wealth luck should be influenced by destruction, property loss and health concerns are common. Money must be guarded and spent with caution.

Relationship: Feelings don’t alter much this year. Because of laziness and incompetence, many wonderful marriage possibilities will be lost.

Health: Not so well. Keep an eye on your nutrition and don’t overeat. Keep an eye on traffic, especially when walking on the road. Avoid risky activities to avoid injury.

Zodiac Rooster Feng Shui In Da House

肖雞 Rooster
(1957、1969、1981、1993 、2005)

This year’s Rooster fortunes are mixed. Many problems would be solved naturally with the help of auspicious stars at work. Love luck is rare, as are single friends of marriage. Take extra care of your physical and emotional health, and monitor your progress.

Career: Career luck is going well, with the help of your people. Also, soon can palm wings fly high, but retain a low profile.

Wealth: Wealth luck is good, especially direct wealth. This year’s stars aligned perfectly for job success, but also for direction and assistance from decent people.

Relationship: This year’s love luck is bad. Married friends should be wary of emotional issues. Avoid petty disagreements to avoid divorce.

Health: Pay attention to health and safety. Pay attention to your diet and fitness. Exercise reduces stress.

Zodiac Dog Feng Shui In Da House

肖狗 Dog

This year’s luck has been bad. It’s easy to get betray by friends. Fortunately, there are certain lucky stars to assist, but words and actions must be observed.Always be cautious and avoid risky situations.

Career: Unsatisfactory career luck will lead to loss of job. Those who do not perform their duties well will receive many problems. Fortunately, benefactors help them notice them and make the proper decision when it matters.

Wealth: Wealth luck is not very good, career wealth is also not ideal. The second half of the year is prone to financial loss. Might have chance of getting money cheat by others.

Relationship: Women will face various emotional issues. Cheating between married friends is a problem. Marriage requires good management. Bad peach blossoms are prone to singles.

Health: Be wary of traffic accidents, but also of physical disputes. Paying attention to their resilience can help avert some issues.

Zodiac Pig Feng Shui In Da House

肖豬 Pig
(1959、1971、1983、1995 、2007)

The luck this year is mediocre, as long as you maintain a good attitude and optimistic state to deal with it, you will be able to get on track. Due to the interference of the inauspicious stars, it is easy to attract bad peach blossoms.

Career: Good career luck, many auspicious stars help when obstacles arise, will be smoothly overcome. It requires more attention, detailed analysis, or easily hindered by little people to act.

Wealth: Wealth luck is good, as long as you maintain a good performance you can lock in good positive income. It is not advisable to invest this year, or you will encounter troublesome conditions.

Relationship: The relationship is not good due to situation after situation.Singles will encounter a lot of bad luck which easy to be lost in both people and money. Married friends, this year can be advisable to have conceive’s plans, but also can have a joyful occasion to prevent disasters.

Health: Maintain good health, more exercise. Avoid overeating, especially if you have gastrointestinal issues.

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