Dragon Year 2024 Zodiac Forecast – Master Eric

2024 甲辰年运程

The exciting Dragon year is just around the corner, Feng Shui da House partners with Master Eric to present you the Zodiac forecast for 2024.

Please note the months referenced below are aligned with the Gregorian calendar unless otherwise specified.

These readings are intended as a general guidelines and entertainment purposes only. For a more accurate analysis, it is highly recommended to seek a professional Bazi profiling.

Zodiac Forecast

Zodiac Rat

Favorable Stars: Jiang Xing (General Star)
Adverse Stars: Tian Xiong (Sky Hero), Pi Tou (Villain), Bai Hu (White Tiger), Tian Gang (Sky Deity)

Last year, Rat individuals clashed with Tai Sui, potentially making them emotionally volatile and less willing to compromise, resulting in mood swings. This year, Rat individuals have the General Star, indicating a year where they may take the lead. However, the presence of the ominous White Tiger and Sky Hero stars suggests hidden challenges. The influence of last year’s Tai Sui may still affect you this year. It’s a year where you should achieve recognition but should maintain a low profile. Remember the story of how Nian Gengyao was demoted 18 times by Emperor Yongzheng?

Career: With the General Star entering your life palace, it’s a year when you can make progress in your career. However, despite your accomplishments, be careful not to underestimate your superiors, as this year’s fortune is not stable. You might find yourself on the front lines, working hard for your organization, and success is possible. Still, there are adverse stars gathered this year, including the White Tiger (representing adversaries) and Sky Hero (representing female adversaries). Rat individuals born in April and June should be cautious as you may encounter more adversaries this year. Stay calm and avoid rash decisions. Those born in October should handle superiors’ questions calmly and avoid letting their emotions affect their performance. This year brings many challenges, so be cautious not to let your guard down and become a target for trouble.

For those born in November, it’s a favourable year for career advancement. You’ll have influential supporters, and adversaries may find it challenging to harm you. Those born in September should handle government matters carefully . Those born in July will find that female supporters are abundant, helping to resolve problems.

While it’s a good year, you must be vigilant against adversaries. Among the twelve zodiac signs, only Rat individuals have the White Tiger star in their palace. As we know, the White Tiger represents adversaries. If possible, visit a temple and pay respects to the White Tiger deity to mitigate adversarial influences. Be cautious when receiving news, especially in matters related to females.

Finance: Due to the presence of the White Tiger and Sky Hero stars, it’s advisable not to engage in conflicts, as winning arguments may lead to financial losses. Rat individuals born in June should avoid risky places. When traveling, choose safe routes. If you work in a uniformed team, ensure you are well-rested before duty to prevent mishaps due to fatigue. Those born in August should steer clear of government matters that may result in fines. This year has the potential for conflicts, so visit a temple to pay respects to the White Tiger deity for financial protection.

For those born in January, the year may bring significant disputes resulting in financial losses. Stay away from disputes and troublesome circles. Those born in November should be cautious when investing in stocks or similar ventures. Unexpected events may lead to financial losses, so it’s better to play it safe this year. Those born in February may see increased income, which is a positive development.

Health: With inner turmoil this year, those born in March may feel that they are dealing with many challenges. Pay attention to your health and the health of your elders. Those born in April may face accidents during work, especially if you work on construction sites. Follow safety regulations and avoid staying up late. Those born in August should avoid drinking and driving, as you may encounter road checks. When traveling, consider purchasing travel insurance and ensure your shoes are in good condition.

Given the presence of adverse stars this year, it’s wise for everyone to replace their brake pads to ensure safe driving during emergencies.

Relationships: This year, with many adversaries around, those without established relationships may face challenges. Those born in January are particularly susceptible to having their relationships disrupted. Those born in May should use wisdom to address relationship issues and avoid feelings of giving up. Those born in March should be attentive to the health of their elders, as the Year of the Dragon may bring health issues to them.

For those born in January, March, April, and October, this is a favourable year for marriage. If conditions are suitable, consider setting a wedding date. It’s essential to prioritize the bride’s birth chart and complement it with the groom’s.

Please remember to approach matters with caution this year and adapt to changing circumstances. Stay safe and flexible. Those born in February may experience increased income – congratulations!

Zodiac Ox Feng Shui In Da House

Auspicious Stars: TianDe / FuXing / YuTang / BaZuo
Inauspicious Stars: DeSha / QiaoSha / JuanShe / GuaSuo

For Ox zodiac individuals, this year is the year of “breaking Tai Sui.” However, it’s actually a good year because the auspicious star “TianDe” representing good fortune has entered your palace of destiny. The twelve zodiac stars rotate every year, and “TianDe” is the star you should choose when selecting an auspicious date because it can break the negative star’s influence and suppress it. The “YuTang” star is a star of academic and career fortune, making this year especially beneficial for Ox individuals, particularly those in administrative positions. Overall, it’s a good year for Ox zodiac individuals with good fortune and the blessing of the “YuTang” star shining on their palace.

During this year of breaking Tai Sui, there may be conflicts with authority figures. To counteract this, it’s recommended to have your teeth cleaned and bloodletting performed after the start of spring (after February 4th). Any situation involving bloodletting is considered an act of appeasing Tai Sui. This is the traditional way to avoid the Taisui and be a law abiding citizen to avoid being marked by authority.

Career: Despite being a year with good fortune, there are more negative stars outside and inside than auspicious stars, which means there’s a possibility of getting involved in disputes and finding yourself in passive situations. Be cautious about letting momentary displeasure lead to actions that others may gossip about. If you were born in March, be careful about people who love to gossip as they may make you feel uneasy. If you work on the front lines, pay attention to safety and follow workplace regulations. For those born in April, it’s a congratulatory year, and you may receive recognition in your career, especially in November and May.

For Ox individuals born in June, be cautious and avoid taking risks. Those born in December will experience a powerful and influential year. Be wary of gossip and revealing too much about your career to others, as it may attract conflicts and harm the auspicious stars. When you’re fortunate, consider donating money to help disadvantaged groups. This year is favorable for Ox individuals in office jobs or administrative roles.

These predictions are based on the zodiac’s palace stars for the year.

Finance: If you were born in May, your financial luck is very strong this year – congratulations! There are many benefactors around you, providing opportunities to showcase your career skills and earn money. Those born in October should be cautious of potential financial losses, especially in regular projects. If you were born in March, pay attention to your health, as it can affect your ability to seize opportunities. Those born in February should get out and about more, as unexpected financial opportunities may arise. For those born in July, be careful of traps set by others that could lead to financial losses. The financial luck this year is in the southwest, so decorate your home with red ornaments in the southwest section for the Chinese New Year. It’s important to note that our divination is based on a scientific formula, as your birth year, month, day, and time all influence your life’s results and the course of the year.

Health: For those born in September, be mindful of your health, as there may be significant ups and downs. When June arrives, check if your work or health is causing issues and making you feel troubled. This year, health problems are often related to your mindset and inner world. If you feel frustrated, consider reading to learn how others have solved similar problems.

Those born in September should watch out for liver and gallbladder issues and hand and foot problems in August and September due to the clash of metal and wood elements. People born in January, July, or October should be cautious about where they eat when dining out, especially when traveling. There is a risk of food poisoning and discomfort with the stomach this year. Avoid eating expired or canned food if it’s past the expiration date. It’s worth spending on medical check-ups.

Relationships: In terms of relationships, those born in October should make an effort to control their temper and avoid outbursts of anger. This year may bring fluctuations in relationships, leading to either marriage or separation. For those born in November, you may overcome challenges and resolve relationship issues. You may also have a child this year.

Wishing all Ox zodiac individuals a year of great harvest and continuous good fortune in 2024!

Zodiac Tiger Feng Shui In Da House

Favorable Stars: Lu Xun (Fortune Star), Yi Ma (Traveling Horse), Sheng Guang (Victory Light)
Adverse Stars: Diao Ke (Hanging Guest), Tian Gou (Sky Dog), Kong Wang (Empty Void)

This year is favorable for Tigers in business and networking, thanks to the presence of the Fortune Star. It’s essential to be more active and engage in social events and gatherings to harness the benefits of this auspicious star. Below are the zodiac forecasts for Tiger individuals in various aspects of life:

Career: Due to the presence of the adverse Sky Dog star this year, be cautious of any ill omens that might affect your career. For Tiger individuals born in April, May, or November, traveling for work can bring favorable results. However, those born in March and June should be vigilant about potential setbacks and disruptions in their career plans. With the influence of the Sky Dog, this year may bring challenges in your work environment. Avoid conflicts and stay focused on your goals. Rest is crucial for maintaining concentration, so avoid burning the midnight oil.

Tiger individuals born in February will face some mental stress and pressure this year. It’s essential to maintain a relaxed attitude and not let others’ opinions affect you. Avoid getting entangled in disputes, as it might negatively impact your business and work. On the contrary, it’s a robust year for entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals, while salaried workers might face a more challenging year with potential frustrations. Staying aligned with your superiors can help turn adversity into opportunities.

Finance: For those born in February, the year promises good financial returns. However, those born in March and June might experience obstacles affecting their finances. October-born Tigers should avoid risky investments and over extending themselves financially, as unexpected events might lead to losses. November-born individuals, on the other hand, have the potential for increased income this year, but it’s crucial to have a backup plan, as unforeseen challenges may arise. May-born Tigers will enjoy favorable financial prospects, but it’s important to keep investment plans confidential to avoid potential leaks to competitors.

Health: Tigers born in August, September, and October should pay special attention to their health and that of their loved ones. Prioritize rest, regular exercise, and a balanced diet. If you drive, ensure that your vehicle’s brakes are in good condition to prevent accidents. April-born Tigers might experience higher stress levels this year, and it’s essential to find healthy ways to cope and avoid being emotionally burdened by others. June-born individuals should keep a close eye on the health of their elderly family members. May-born Tigers can look forward to a relatively healthy year, although seeking a second opinion for any health issues is advisable.

Relationships: For Tigers born in April, there might be emotional imbalances in relationships this year. If you encounter issues, it’s important to communicate openly with your spouse or partner to avoid misunderstandings that could affect long-term harmony. May-born Tigers might have the opportunity to meet someone special during social gatherings or events. March-born individuals may face opposition to their relationships from elders, and it’s advisable to consider revealing your relationship status after the Year of the Dragon. November-born Tigers could experience pressure from their families to get married, but this year is auspicious for tying the knot.

For those born in June, it’s advisable to avoid red-light districts this year to prevent potential romantic entanglements and health risks. Individuals born in other months should be cautious as unexpected events may disrupt stable relationships, leading to a turbulent emotional year.

Zodiac Rabbit Feng Shui In Da House

Auspicious Stars: No auspicious stars this year
Inauspicious Stars: Ge Yue, Bing Fu, Yang Ren, Liu Hai, You Yi

This year, Rabbit natives will not have any auspicious stars to rely on. To make the most of the year, it’s important to establish connections with external forces that can assist in navigating challenges. Although there are no auspicious stars in your astrological chart this year, you will have many helpful mentors. Be sure to seek external support and avoid trying to handle everything by yourself. Self-reliance may prove challenging this year.

Career: This year, your leaders may appear to be both affectionate and ruthless, making your work challenging. When dealing with key projects, have contingency plans in place for sudden difficulties that may affect your colleagues. Be aware of your leaders’ moods, as they may face issues that could affect you. Although your leaders may seem powerful and influential this year, they may also experience periods of frustration. Be cautious not to become a scapegoat.

  • Those born in June should be careful when working in the healthcare sector, as carelessness may lead to problems when dealing with patients.
  • Those born in September should be especially attentive to potential issues. While there are many helpful mentors, be cautious of potential traps.

For those born in May, July, and November, this is a good year for career advancement, with opportunities to turn adversity into success. For individuals born in other months, focus on maintaining a stable career without taking unnecessary risks.

Finance: Your health will affect your finances this year. Younger individuals should focus on a healthy lifestyle and avoid staying up late. Older individuals should prioritize self-care and avoid stubbornness. October-born individuals may experience significant fluctuations in their finances this year, so it’s crucial to be cautious to prevent financial loss due to health issues or unexpected events. April-born individuals should be wary of financial deductions resulting from accidents or mood-related spending.

If you were born in January, guard against unintentional disclosures that may lead to financial loss. This indicates the need to keep certain work-related matters confidential. There is a possibility of financial loss this year due to information theft, so avoid disclosing too much information to even your closest friends.

For those born in May, career advancement may lead to financial gains. However, be discreet in sharing investment details to prevent potential losses. Other months should prioritize financial stability and avoid risky endeavors.

Health: Individuals born in February may experience accidents this year, so it’s advisable to purchase travel insurance when going on trips. Those born in June should avoid traveling in March and April, as the influence on your astrological chart may make you more accident-prone. For those born in September, pay extra attention to the health of family members, especially elders. The Five Yellow star resides in the western direction this year. If your bed is in the west, place an alarm clock with an ear in the southwest corner of your home at 6:00 AM to dissipate the negative energy.

Relationships: While those born in May may experience success in their careers, they may feel lonely in their personal lives. Those born in April may experience more arguments in their relationships this year, but these challenges will likely ease after this year. Those born in February may face disruptions caused by others and should protect established relationships.

For those born in September, it’s important to be cautious about family gatherings and crowded places during pregnancy to avoid complications. Five Yellow, a negative energy, enters the western direction this year. If your bed is in the west, place an alarm clock with an ear in the southwest corner of your home at 6:00 AM to dissipate this energy.

In conclusion, I wish you all a prosperous year ahead.

Zodiac Dragon Feng Shui In Da House


Auspicious Stars: Hua Gai, Sui Jia, Sui Dian
Inauspicious Stars: San Xing, Fu Shi, Huang Fan, Jian Feng, Tai Sui

This year, Dragon natives are in their Tai Sui year. If you were born in October, you may feel some pressure and mental stress during this year. All eyes are on you this year, so be cautious in your actions to avoid giving others an opportunity to criticize you. It’s commonly said that the Tai Sui year can bring disruptive energies, but it depends on your individual natal chart. Consider this year as a time to turn pressure into motivation; remember that challenges can lead to growth.

Career: The Tai Sui represents authority and decisions within governmental or institutional matters. In your work, make sure to handle your responsibilities carefully, especially if you are in a position of authority. Avoid making decisions that could negatively affect your career prospects. Dragon individuals may face challenges in their careers in March, June, August, and September. Those born in October should be particularly careful, as they might be dealing with inner turmoil. Take time to rest and prepare for potential scrutiny from others. While it’s a Tai Sui year, it doesn’t mean everyone will encounter issues; it depends on your personal birth chart.

Those born in June should be cautious in professions like law enforcement, as you may bear legal responsibilities. Pay attention to potential fines this year, as you are clashing with Tai Sui. Be diligent in following regulations. January and May-born individuals will experience career advancements and opportunities for progress this year. For July-born individuals, seeking advice from female friends can help resolve work-related challenges.

Although it’s a Tai Sui year, not everyone will face issues. Specific outcomes depend on individual birth charts.

Finance: To avoid financial losses this year, be cautious and prevent accidents by maintaining and servicing your vehicles regularly. When driving, ensure you are well-rested to prevent accidents. Those born in April may experience recognition but not necessarily substantial benefits. If your superiors entrust you with tasks, make sure they are aligned with your interests and not a waste of time. February-born individuals are likely to have good financial prospects this year, especially in business dealings. It’s important to note that this assessment is based on your birth year and month and is not a generalization. Like fortune-telling, it’s personalized.

November-born individuals will have strong earning potential and can overcome obstacles. Congratulations to you. For May-born individuals, this year brings strong financial prospects, even from unexpected sources. It’s a year where earning money and advancing in your career is easier. Remember to get a dental checkup after the Spring Festival due to it being a Tai Sui year.

Health: Health challenges may arise for those born in March, so avoid being careless and pay attention to your diet and exercise. Those born in March, August, and September should refrain from long-distance travel this year. If traveling, avoid risky activities. Western travel should be avoided due to the negative energy in that direction for this year as the fifth star fly to the western sector this year .

May-born individuals should be concerned about their family’s health this year due to the influence of stars. If you work at a construction site, follow safety protocols. April-born individuals may experience minor health issues, so be cautious and choose safe footwear when traveling.

Relationships: For Dragon natives in a relationship, this year may bring confusion and uncertainty about your love life. You might be contemplating marriage but are unsure of your decision. Take your time and don’t rush into any major relationship decisions during the Year of the Dragon. Those born in November have marriage opportunities, so cherish your current relationship. Don’t make hasty decisions in April; they could be wrong. If you plan to have children this year, it’s an auspicious time.

In a Dragon year, relationships can be volatile, and emotions might be unstable. To make significant decisions, consider May as a time when your feelings become clearer. For January-born individuals, it’s not advisable to visit the red-light district this year due to the Peach Blossom influence.

Have a good year ahead.

Zodiac Snake Feng Shui In Da House



Auspicious Stars: Wen Chang, Tian Kong, Tian Xi, Tian Chu, Tai Yang (Many auspicious stars shining) Inauspicious Stars: Jie Sha, Gu Chen, Luo Hou

For Snake individuals, this year brings an array of auspicious stars, making it a favourable year with many opportunities. Even people you don’t usually get along with may contribute to your fortune this year. In essence, it’s a year where you can achieve and prosper. However, be cautious of potential betrayals and attempts to undermine your business. Despite some negative influences, this year remains positive.

Career: May-born individuals will find their morale high this year and are likely to receive promotions. External support for your plans will be more evident. If you work in an office, your career prospects will shine this year. Snakes are in the top positions among the twelve zodiac animals this year, along with Pigs, making it a promising year. However, due to some unfavorable stars, it’s important to maintain confidentiality when handling significant matters, as there’s a risk of betrayal this year. Be cautious about your work in March, June, August, September, and October. In such a year, confirm information independently and avoid relying solely on others’ reports.

April-born individuals may feel pressure from superiors, leading to workplace imbalances and emotional challenges. Stay focused on your work and don’t let others interfere. March and June-born individuals might have opportunities but may also feel unequipped to handle them. Work hard to address any issues within your job role before your superiors question your performance. This is a favorable year for anyone to take action and see results.

November-born individuals will experience a year filled with joyous events, making it an excellent time to complete unfinished tasks. If you sleep in the southwest direction, your luck will be even better.

Finance: February-born individuals, especially those involved in business or self-employment, can expect a financially rewarding year. You have the capability to resolve past financial issues. However, business owners should exercise independent judgment this year, as those who previously provided good advice may face challenges and offer less guidance.

For March-born individuals, practical benefits may be limited, so choose options that directly benefit you. Be cautious about financial losses related to disputes, especially those involving regulations. June, August, and September-born individuals should guard against unexpected financial losses. Ensure your vehicles are well-maintained and replace any necessary parts to prevent accident.

Income opportunities will be abundant for Snake individuals this year. Your financial prospects will be better than in the past few years, and it’s a good time to donate to those in need.

Health: March-born individuals should pay extra attention to their health and avoid complacency. April-born individuals should guard against unexpected health challenges. If you plan to travel, avoid destinations with high surgical risks or thrilling activities. October-born individuals should refrain from sitting in the southeast direction. Those with authority over their seating arrangements in the office should choose the southwest Bagua area.

September-born individuals should seek a second opinion if their health is compromised, rather than relying solely on one doctor’s advice. June-born individuals should pay attention to the health of children and elderly family members, ensuring their safety when outdoors. Watch over your children carefully when at swimming pools or during outdoor excursions.

December-born individuals should take care of their work tools to prevent health challenges, particularly those in uniformed groups.

Relationships: April-born individuals might experience loneliness in their love life this year. Consider socializing more to meet potential romantic partners, as your romantic prospects are favorable. It’s also an auspicious year for starting a family, so if your relationship is solid, this might be the right time to consider children. Avoid introducing your partner to your circle of friends too soon, as there’s a risk of interference, which also affects March-born individuals.

August and September-born individuals should be cautious about potential marriage challenges brought about by interactions with the opposite sex. Set clear boundaries, especially with married individuals. October-born individuals will experience a colorful year with good romantic prospects. For those planning to have children, placing four bamboo plants in your southwest area with water will help enhance your offspring’s luck. For friends in the northwest and southeast positions, the chances of having a child with a good birth chart are high. A favorable birth chart signifies good luck in both fate and fortune.

Wishing you all a prosperous and fulfilling 2024!

Zodiac Horse Feng Shui In Da House

(1954、1966、1978、1990、2002、2014 )
Auspicious Stars: No auspicious stars this year.
Inauspicious Stars: DaSha / FuChen / XueRen / DiXiong / ShanMen

This year presents strong challenges for those born in the Year of the Horse. It’s crucial to get enough rest and focus on work when needed, without distractions like excessive smartphone usage. In your career, you will face competitors who may create pressure, and if you’re not mentally prepared, you might face defeat. Avoid staying up late and prioritize a healthy lifestyle to handle career challenges and responsibilities.

Horse individuals born in April might feel agitated and have temper issues this year, leading to personnel problems at work. It’s essential to focus on tasks rather than personal conflicts to avoid setbacks. Be cautious and take careful steps forward.

Career: Horse individuals born in May and October are favored, with support from benefactors that can help them overcome challenges and advance their careers. However, it’s advised not to make major career decisions in March and June to avoid losses.

November-born Horse individuals have significant opportunities to solidify their career authority this year. Still, they should be cautious about being deceived by others or making unnecessary investments.

November-born individuals should also be cautious not to reveal unnecessary information to others, as it could lead to problems in their career due to conflicts or competition. Avoid risky situations and maintain a low profile.

Horse individuals born in July will find success in female-dominated leadership roles. Those in female-centric businesses, such as cosmetics and beauty, can have a good year despite facing challenges.

While Horse individuals may not directly offend Tai Sui this year, unfavorable stars could impact their careers. Discipline and careful planning are necessary when facing challenges. Remember that external, internal, and human factors combine to determine outcomes, and it’s crucial to be prepared. Take abundant rest this year .

Financial Luck: This year, Horse individuals should pay attention to the health of family members, especially those who have pre-existing health issues, as there might be unexpected financial expenses. It’s essential to take care of their well-being.

August-born Horse individuals should be cautious about financial troubles related to official matters. If you encounter disputes, consider delaying resolution until after the Year of the Dragon, as it might save you money. September-born Horse individuals should align their actions with influential leaders to improve financial prospects. However, those with turbulent romantic lives might experience financial losses.

May and October-born Horse individuals are likely to prosper and enjoy a financially rewarding year. November-born individuals should avoid investing too much in unstable financial projects this year. Be cautious about significant financial decisions in March and June, as they could lead to losses.

Remember that the era of rapid real estate growth is coming to an end, and property values may not increase as dramatically as before.

Health: February and August-born Horse individuals should be cautious about their health this year. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the food you consume and avoid overindulging. Don’t be reckless with your diet.

October-born Horse individuals should watch out for conflicts with older family members that might lead to inner turmoil. Ensure good indoor air quality by tending to indoor plants to prevent health problems like hypertension. Relax and reduce stress.

After the start of spring (Li Chun), those born in January, March, April, and October should consider getting dental check-ups to counteract potential health issues. Be mindful that your health may be less robust than in previous years.

Relationships: For February-born individuals, avoid relying on others’ opinions when dealing with relationship matters. Seek advice carefully, as others may not help you break free from confusion. Have a clear view of your feelings, and if faced with uncertain situations, wait until the Year of the Dragon to make important relationship decisions.

April and October-born individuals might experience dramatic ups and downs in their love lives this year. Be patient and avoid hastily making decisions that could affect your lifelong relationships. External factors may make decisions important, but take your time.

August and September-born individuals should let time guide their relationships this year, as external circumstances may make you uncomfortable. Relax and allow time to decide how you handle your emotional world.1

Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous new year, better than the last year

Zodiac Goat Feng Shui In Da House


Lucky Stars: Tai Yin, Tian Gui
Unlucky Stars: Gou Jiao, Guan Suo, Gou Shen

Career: Sheep individuals working with a team may face unnecessary public relations challenges in 2024. It’s important to adhere to organizational plans and policies during work, as deviating from them could negatively affect career prospects. Avoid taking any special actions at work that may result in rule violations, as these may lead to disciplinary action.

In the Ba Zi astrology chart, despite the mentioned challenges, there are powerful benefactors supporting Sheep individuals. There is also the influence of the Tai Yin star, indicating that those involved in careers related to women will have the ability to resolve crises and advance their careers in 2024. Sheep individuals should pay attention to their job positions and responsibilities, as they may need to take charge themselves.

For those born in December, they may experience power struggles in their careers. While they may have control, they should be cautious of potential sabotage and adhere to company regulations. Those born in May and October will enjoy a boost in their careers, with opportunities for promotions and increased authority.

Sheep individuals born in February should actively engage with external opportunities to turn obstacles into advantages. While challenges may arise, seizing opportunities will yield favorable results. This year is particularly promising for entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals. Keep in mind that aside from the birth year, one’s birth month also influences their fortune. Sometimes, even when conflicting with the Tai Sui, individuals may achieve success in a given year.

For those born in May, expect some interpersonal conflicts in your career. However, you have numerous benefactors this year, and your ability to focus will help you handle challenges. It’s a year to showcase your tenacity and stick to company regulations. Secrecy is important in your work this year, as there will be increased scrutiny.

September-born Sheep individuals may face minor challenges in their careers but, overall, it’s a good year. If you need to deal with risky matters, make sure to get sufficient rest and avoid working late. Be cautious about your physical condition, especially if you’re not feeling well, and avoid driving if you’re tired.

Finance: Sheep individuals born in July may experience financial losses due to disputes or conflicts. Placing a lamp in the southwest corner of your home can help improve your financial luck. If you have the choice, it’s advisable to arrange your workspace in the southwest sector of your company.

Those born in August may face financial influences from official matters. To avoid financial loss, it’s recommended not to conflict with official regulations while handling your daily affairs. Everyone should be aware of this, as avoiding conflicts will prevent financial losses.

For October-born Sheep individuals, it’s important to handle unstable financial tasks and decisions with care. Prioritize your safety over saving face in public. You have the trust of others this year, so don’t squander that trust. Handling disputes before they escalate will be key, and you have benefactors supporting you.

For others, this year may bring strong interpersonal challenges. Remember to resolve conflicts before they become threatening to your future. Benefactors are numerous this year, making problem-solving easier.

Health: Health isn’t a major concern in 2024, but those born in April should pay attention to their eating habits, as Wood energy may affect their digestion. Start watching your diet and engage in physical activities to detoxify your body. Avoid using your phone while commuting to ensure safety, as accidents are more likely this year.

April-born Sheep individuals should also watch their emotional well-being and avoid letting mood swings disrupt their work. Be cautious of accidents and try to manage your temper, as it can affect your blood pressure.

For September-born Sheep individuals, if you have health issues, don’t make major decisions hastily in March and June. Seek confirmation from a third party before making decisions. Not every September-born individual will experience health problems, but if you do, seek outside opinions for decision-making.

Relationships: For those born in April, relationships may experience ups and downs, including the possibility of marriage or separation. It’s advisable to postpone major relationship decisions until after the Year of the Dragon (2024), as emotional turmoil could lead to wrong choices. If planning to marry, be prepared for potential conflicts and learn to compromise.

For those born in November, it’s a year conducive to having children. If you intend to have a child, place nine red flowers in the southwest corner of your home. This is fengshui deployment suggestions .

Wishing all Sheep individuals a prosperous and auspicious Year of the Dragon in 2024, with success and good fortune in all your endeavors.

Zodiac Monkey Feng Shui In Da House


Lucky Stars: San Tai
Unlucky Stars: Guan Fu / Wu Gui / Di Sha

This year poses some challenges for Monkey individuals. It’s a year when challenges are more likely to occur, so it’s essential not to be overly assertive. Avoid being the leader, stay low-key, and handle your tasks quietly to prevent potential troubles that could distract you from other matters. Life is short, so be cautious in your actions and avoid taking shortcuts for a smoother year ahead.

Career: Those born in March and June should avoid causing trouble by seeking recognition. If you’re involved in business, make decisions based on your capabilities and assess whether you can handle additional projects this year. Follow government regulations strictly in your work. For instance, if you handle insurance at work, ensure that all coworkers are insured to avoid responsibility in case of accidents. When working on projects, follow proper procedures and avoid cutting corners. This year, proceed step by step for a successful career.

Monkey individuals born in May are likely to excel in their office tasks, with clear thinking leading to successful outcomes. However, be cautious about leaking company information, as you may be held responsible for losses caused by security breaches. Maintain confidentiality in your work, especially when trust is unstable among coworkers, as they may drag you into trouble.

Those born in April should pay attention to safety while working outside. Your shoes may pose a risk of slipping, so be careful. Avoid risky places for leisure activities and don’t indulge in excessive eating, especially in unfamiliar environments, to safeguard your health and finances.

Monkey individuals born in November should have contingency plans for major career projects and matters, as unexpected changes may occur. Stay vigilant against sudden adversities, and don’t underestimate potential risks. Be cautious not to take the blame for others’ mistakes this year.

Finance: Financially, Monkey individuals born in February, May, and October are likely to experience an increase in income and an improvement in their financial situation. Congratulations! However, remember to manage your financial matters wisely and avoid impulsive spending that could deplete your resources. Resolve issues with authorities and official matters to make this year more prosperous. Your bank account is likely to see growth.

Those born in March and June may face financial challenges due to family or acquaintances’ problems. This year, watch your spending, especially when traveling to unfamiliar places. Be mindful of your health and avoid excessive consumption that could lead to financial losses.

For those born in June, if you plan to travel, try to avoid trips in January 2025. Purchase travel insurance to prepare for unexpected situations.

Monkey individuals born in October should be cautious with their investments. If you face instability in your investments, have the ability to carry them over to the Year of the Dragon (2024). This year, it’s essential not to be too greedy in your investment strategies. Some coworkers you trusted in the past may cause financial losses due to their negligence. In terms of Feng Shui, your financial luck resides in the southwest direction; consider placing a red wall lamp in that area.

If your financial situation is favourable, consider helping those in need.

Health: For those born in April, be careful about injuries when you’re outdoors this year. Pay attention to the condition of your shoes to prevent slips. Avoid visiting risky places, and don’t indulge in dangerous recreational activities while traveling.

If you were born in February, avoid participating in white ceremonies (referring to rituals associated with different ancestral beliefs) this year, as it may bring negative energy home. If you’re pregnant, avoid crowded places, as there’s a risk of miscarriage in March and June.

Monkey individuals born in September should keep an eye on the health of close friends and family members. If they’re feeling unwell, encourage them not to take their health lightly and seek professional advice promptly. Ensure that elderly relatives adhere to their health routines; some seniors may resist seeing doctors, so take precautions against any potential health issues.

Those born in November should avoid entering red-light districts and nightclubs this year, as you might encounter troublesome situations detrimental to your health. If you witness any altercations, leave the scene promptly for your safety.

Relationships: Relationships are not the central theme for Monkey individuals this year. However, those born in November may experience increased romantic opportunities. Cherish and treasure the people you meet this year, as there may be a sense of destiny associated with these relationships. Specific outcomes may depend on your individual astrological charts; consider consulting an astrologer for a more accurate assessment.

For those born in September, you might encounter romantic entanglements this year, but beware of misunderstandings. Set clear boundaries and protect the stability of your long-standing relationships. This year may bring challenges to your love life, so proceed with caution.

Zodiac Rooster Feng Shui In Da House

(1957、1969、1981、1993 、2005 、2017)

Lucky Stars: Yue De / Di Jie / Tang Fu
Unlucky Stars: Si Fu / Xiao Hao / Xian Chi / Tao Hua

This year, Rooster individuals have a fortunate star called “Moon Virtue” shining upon their fate. Moon Virtue is a star that helps ward off negative influences, making Roosters capable of turning adversity into good fortune. However, it’s essential not to make wrong decisions under the influence of the opposite sex, as Moon Virtue’s power has its limits. This year, it’s crucial to avoid the appearance of romantic complications, as they can disrupt your good luck.

Career: Those born in January and April should be cautious about getting entangled in disputes at work. Avoid coworkers who engage in gossip and backbiting, as they might drag you into conflicts. Without proper handling by superiors, you could be affected by their actions, as you may be perceived as their accomplice in causing trouble. Be cautious and avoid unnecessary confrontations.

If you were born in February, refrain from attending funerals this year, as it could negatively affect your career progression. Avoid late nights and prioritize a good rest. Your well-being plays a significant role in your career success, and neglecting your health might lead to disruptions in important tasks. Be cautious not to shoulder blame for tasks left undone by others due to health issues.

March-born Rooster individuals should ensure they have adequate rest to handle career challenges. Avoid overworking and late nights, as this could lead to health issues that might affect your career. If health problems arise, they could result in you being wrongly blamed for work left unfinished. Prioritize rest and maintain your physical health.

Roosters born in April should manage stress and avoid making hasty decisions this year. Take your time to analyze situations and make decisions in a calm environment. This year, many eyes will be on you, including competitors looking for any mistakes you make.

August-born Roosters will face some career difficulties this year but have the capability to resolve issues. Stay vigilant and address challenges systematically to achieve success.

Finance: If you encounter financial issues this year, those born in January should avoid making decisions in April. April can be emotionally charged, and influential figures in your circle might provide misguided advice. While they may seem impressive, their counsel may not be correct. Analyze others’ input carefully to determine if it aligns with your best interests.

For February-born individuals, your financial prospects are favorable this year, provided you avoid falling into the trap of romantic entanglements (a potential issue for Roosters). If you follow this advice, you can expect to earn more easily than in the past. However, be cautious of advice from the opposite sex that could lead you astray. For a more accurate assessment, consider consulting a Bazi expert (an astrologer who analyzes a person’s Eight Characters).

March-born individuals should pay attention to family members’ health this year, as their well-being could impact your energy and work performance. Seek medical attention promptly if family members or you experience health concerns. Neglecting health issues could hinder your career advancement this year.

Health: In alignment with the Moon Virtue star, Roosters born in March, April, and June might face health obstacles. Be mindful of overindulgence, particularly in food, as the Wood element (associated with Roosters) clashes with Earth, which signifies the stomach in traditional Chinese medicine.

If you were born in April, although it’s not your Tai Sui year, the negative influence of Tai Sui could disturb your inner balance. If you experience emotional disturbances, consider reading and absorbing others’ life experiences to help alleviate frustration. Emotional disturbances may lead to high blood pressure, so relax and don’t stress over problems. Maintain a calm demeanor to avoid health issues.

September-born individuals should be cautious of romantic entanglements this year, as they could lead to disputes with adverse consequences.

Relationships: Overall, Rooster individuals have good fortune this year, but you must be cautious not to let relationship issues, especially for married individuals, affect your luck. While it’s a fortunate year, the potential for romantic complications is a vulnerability you must keep in mind. Like any powerful tool, even a Buddha relic has its weaknesses. As the saying goes, even the great can be vulnerable to living beings.

For Roosters born in March, April, June, and September, avoiding relationship turbulence is crucial. These birth months could face bloodshed due to relationship problems, so steer clear of situations that could lead to physical confrontations.

By keeping this overarching theme in mind, you can effectively mitigate many of this year’s challenges. Yue De has entered your destiny, but remember to guard against relationship conflicts, as cautiousness will be your key to success this year.

Wishing everyone a prosperous and successful year ahead! May each year be better than the last!

Zodiac Dog Feng Shui In Da House


Lucky Stars: Guo Yin
Unlucky Stars: Da Hao, Bao Wei, Lan Gan, Sui Po

For those born in the Year of the Dog, 2024 is a year in which they clash with Tai Sui, indicating a year of suppressed fortune. It is advisable for Dog individuals to undergo dental cleaning after the Chinese New Year to ward off negative energies. Due to the Tai Sui clash, there may be increased stress this year. It is not recommended to take shortcuts at work, as superiors may scrutinize your performance. It’s important to maintain good mental and physical health, as unexpected challenges may arise. Avoid impulsive decisions and approach problems calmly and rationally. In essence, take things step by step this year, as the auspicious stars are fewer than the inauspicious ones in your destiny palace.

Career: This year, career-wise, Dogs should be cautious and avoid conflicts with superiors. This is especially crucial for those born in April and October. Handle problems with care, and when faced with questioning, provide logical and well-supported responses. Be prepared for potential troublemakers who may scrutinize your actions and decisions this year. Consider this year as one where you hone your skills for the future and focus on attention to detail. Avoid late nights and instead use your time to prepare for work effectively.

For those born in May and November, 2024 presents opportunities for upward mobility. However, avoid engaging in activities that your organization does not permit, as competitors may report these actions to your superiors, potentially affecting your career progression.

For those born in November, it’s a year where unfavorable situations may turn around in your favor.

For those born in December, you may face situations where colleagues or competitors could betray or frame you. Ensure all important matters have documented evidence before proceeding, as it’s not a year where trust alone can guarantee a smooth career.

For those born in March and June, who typically take leadership roles, it’s advisable not to make uncertain decisions in unstable conditions, as this could negatively impact your career.

Finance: In terms of finances, Dog individuals should approach investments cautiously in 2024 and avoid risky ventures. The presence of the Da Hao star indicates potential financial losses. If you do invest, ensure that your projects have the resilience to withstand the challenges of the Dragon year. Short-term investments should focus on capital preservation.

For those born in February, you may see an increase in your financial fortune. However, pay attention to subordinates’ affairs, such as buying insurance for colleagues or applying for office permits and renovations.

For those born in June, be cautious of unexpected financial losses, especially when traveling. It’s essential to have travel insurance, especially in October, and avoid extensive travel.

For those born in August, if you have numerous projects to manage, ensure customers provide signatures, and maintain professionalism in handling paperwork. Clearly outline responsibilities in contracts to avoid potential losses.

Health: Health-wise, those born in October should be cautious, as they are more susceptible to health issues this year. Watch your diet, avoid overindulgence, and steer clear of unhealthy foods. Start the year with dental cleaning. Engage in regular physical activity, focusing on activities that gather energy, not those that require speed. Avoid cold beverages, as this is a Wood year and the year of the Earth Dragon.

For those born in August and September, especially if you are part of uniformed teams like medical or law enforcement personnel, pay attention to the condition of your equipment and personal safety while on duty. Ensure you get enough rest and avoid staying up late, as clashing with Tai Sui makes you more vulnerable to injuries.

For those born in March, seek professional advice promptly if you experience discomfort or health issues this year. For those born in February, your financial fortune is favorable, but be cautious about the potential physical strain caused by issues with your work tools. Check your equipment independently rather than relying on others. This year, depending on others for inspections could lead to problems, even if you didn’t experience issues in the past.

Relationships: In terms of relationships, the year may bring significant ups and downs for most Dog individuals. Avoid making impulsive decisions, such as divorce or breakups, this year. It’s advisable to address relationship issues after the Chinese New Year.

For those born in November, it’s typically a powerful and fertile year, making it easier to start or expand a family. Romantic relationships are also more likely to flourish this year.

For those born in April, you may have differing opinions and some dissatisfaction with your partner this year. Give your partner space and avoid making hasty decisions, as regret might follow next year.

Zodiac Pig Feng Shui In Da House

(1959、1971、1983、1995 、2007 、2019)

Lucky Stars: Zi Wei, Long De, Hong Luan
Unlucky Stars: Wang Shen, Tian E, Bao Bai

For those born in the Year of the Pig, the presence of the Zi Wei star in your fate palace indicates that the challenges of the past years will begin to ease in 2024. Zi Wei is an extremely auspicious star in Chinese astrology, signifying the resolution of past uncertainties. The Long De and Hong Luan stars shining in your palace further enhance your fortune this year. 2024 is a year of good fortune for Pig individuals, and it’s an excellent time to perform acts of kindness and accumulate merits to strengthen your luck.

If your kitchen or main entrance is not in the West or there are no negative aspects present in this direction, your overall luck in 2024 should be smooth. To enhance your luck, consider placing a round mirror in the West of your home, along with six one-dollar coins.

However, be mindful of the presence of the Bao Bai and Wang Shen stars, which indicate the need for contingency plans in your endeavors. It’s essential to have backup plans in place in case of unexpected changes or challenges. Below are insights into career, finances, health, and relationships for Pig individuals in 2024:

Career: For those born in March and June, you may experience a sense of disappointment in your career this year. It’s crucial to remain calm and handle any problems with patience. If your profession involves uniformed teams, ensure you get enough rest for optimal performance.

October-born Pigs may find that their career benefits from increased influence and recognition. Focus on handling official documents transparently and professionally. Those born in June should avoid engaging in risky activities, especially when traveling. Stay away from dangerous entertainment like extreme sports.

December-born Pigs may experience career-related surprises or increased authority. The presence of the Long De and Zi Wei stars suggests favourable career developments. Seek support from allies when facing challenges. April-born Pigs can expect their hard work to be recognized, leading to career advancement. Take advantage of the auspicious stars to resolve past issues.

August-born individuals should be cautious about matters involving authorities affecting career progression. Handle disputes with composure.

Finance: With the Long De and Zi Wei stars influencing your fate palace, the overall financial outlook for Pigs in 2024 is positive. However, those born in October should be cautious not to get caught up in speculative investments. Watch out for unexpected expenses that may arise during the year. December-born Pigs may find that the financial situation is less favorable, and it’s advisable to be careful with investments.

For those born in February, it’s generally a favorable year financially. However, exercise prudence to avoid financial losses. Pay attention to sudden expenses. If you were born in June, consider refraining from active participation in the stock market, as it might be unpredictable this year. Be cautious about managing other people’s finances.

August-born Pigs should be cautious about potential disruptions caused by official matters. Resolve disputes amicably and avoid hasty decisions.

Health: Overall, 2024 is a relatively healthy year for Pig individuals. However, those born in June should purchase travel insurance when embarking on journeys. Ensure that your footwear is slip-resistant, especially when traveling to snowy areas. August-born Pigs should pay attention to the safety and health of elderly family members. Even if you have domestic helpers, maintain vigilance over their well-being.

For those born in September, closely monitor your health this year. Seek professional medical advice promptly if you have any concerns. With challenging health stars in play, take steps to improve your overall well-being. The illness star has entered the Xun Gua (Southeast) this year. Place a red object in your Southeast direction and consider putting nine golden objects in this area to counteract health-related issues.

Relationships: Pigs born in April and October may experience significant fluctuations in their relationships this year. Handle relationship issues with care and avoid allowing outsiders to disrupt your long-standing bonds. January-born Pigs may be particularly susceptible to external interference in their relationships. Maintain confidence in your marital partner.

November-born Pigs could experience the joy of welcoming new family members or celebrating happy occasions. Couples planning to have children should make efforts this year. Excessive indoor plants can negatively affect relationships. Consider reducing the number of indoor plants, as they may compete for oxygen in the home.

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