Types of bad energy found at main door

Previous article, we wrote about Top 20 Negative Energy aka Sha Qi (煞气) in our house environment.  In this article, we move in depth on one of the 3 critical factors discussed – Main door.

As we know, main door determines the entire house fortune.  So identifying them before purchase of a house or understanding them will give you an option to do something against it or move on to search for another house.

In here, we list out 10 common negative energy seen on a main door.


Few points to take note when identifying them:

1.  Audit is based from the position the owner is standing.  Standing inside of the house facing the main door outwards.

2.  Beget effect highly dependent on distance between main door and the sight.  General rule of thumb is the further it is, the less beget the effect.


No. 1

wall edited.png

Image 1

Image 1 illustrates a common sight literally known as “Hitting a wall when going out” (出門碰壁).

In Feng Shui context, family members will face lots of challenges and things will not be smooth sailing in their career, wealth, fortune and relationship.

Numerous ways to go about resolving this Sha Qi.  A modern way is to shine bright light onto the wall to change the perspective to “bright future”(出門光明).  Alternative, placing real life plants would also help.

A traditional style would be placing an ornament at top of the main door with mirror characteristic (e.g. 山海镇 or 九宮八卦牌).  If the wall is not a public area, you can place a painting showing a ship entering the port.  The ship must be steering inwards the house direction.


No. 2

shoes edited.png

Image 2

Image 2 illustrates a Sha Qi known as bad breath door (口臭門).

Commonly seen in following scenarios:

1.  Image 2 shows an example of shoes lying around outside the main door.

2.  Shoes kept in open style cabinet which leek out the shoes smell.


In Feng Shui context, family members will be prone towards gossips, rumors and offending people who are likely to get revenge.  As main airflow is coming through main door and there are smelly shoes placing around.  Positive airflow will become bad the wind passed by them.

Recommended approach is to keep the shoes in a closed style cabinet.  Place along the corridor which does not affect the walkway or in the hidden shoe cabinet in the house.


No. 3

door against door edited.png

Image 3

Image 3 illustrates a Sha Qi literally known as “door facing door” ( 鬥口煞/ 門對門).  Commonly seen in HDB corridor, apartment interior corridor (2 bedrooms facing each other), apartment and condo.

In Feng Shui context, this breds quarrels or gossips among the residents staying in opposite houses or rooms.

In traditional Feng Shui, this is usually resolve by placing the five imperial ancient coins (五帝钱) or crystal ball at the top of the door.  Alternatively, would be a partition-like approach such as plants.

From experience, observed neighbors placing auspicious greeting/ symbols on their own doors.  This benefits other party when they step out  as it symbolises “Good luck when going out”.


No. 4

Door cut door edited.png

Image 4

Image 4 illustrate a Sha Qi literally known as “door cutting door” (門切門).  The image above shows the door edge cutting into opposite door.

In Feng Shui context, the resident whose door has been cut will have health issues.  If the door was cut on the left, this indicate the men’s health is to be affected.  Otherwise, the female’s health is on the receiving end.

Similar to No. 3 Sha Qi, this can be resolved using five imperial ancient coins (五帝钱) or crystal ball at the top of the door.  In image 4 context, an opaque binder for bedrooms are used (3/4 door height).


No. 5

peeling door edited.png

Image 5

Image 5 illustrates what is known as “spoilt door” (破損門).

Following are the possible scenarios:

1.  gate/ door paint peeling off

2.  door knob not working properly

3.  bottom of the door edge chipping off or coming out


In Feng Shui context, family members will often succumb to illness from eating, workplace gossips and downhill family fortune.  This also signify family is not in unity and at worst, not likely to regularly return home.

Recommend to replace the door or gate if spoilt.  Give a fresh coat of paint if the paint is peeling to give a new look.


No. 6

fake door

Image 6

Image 6 illustrate Sha Qi known as “fake door/ dummy door” or better known as yin yang door (陰陽門).

Possible scenarios seen:

1.  A door image such as image 6 which illustrate a door on the wall.

2.  A door which is seal from one side but not the other.

3.  Any door that is not able to open but resemble a doorway; be it a drawing or real door.


In Feng Shui Context, this doorway is seen as a portal for spirits to enter and go.  This resulted in negative energy which affect the residents having restless nights.

Recommend to completely sealed both side of the door with a partition or concrete wall.  Alternatively, remove the door completely and seal it up with concrete to remove the doorway image.  This Sha Qi not only applied to main door but all doors found in a house.


No. 7

mother son door edited.jpg

Image 7

Image 7 illustrates a Sha Qi literally known as “mother son door” (子母門).  Only applies to door made up of two panels (one big one small).    In Feng Shui context, this begets inequality or imbalance in the household.  Normally seen between husband and wife resulting in quarrels.

For more specific context, the person need to stand in the house facing outwards to determine the following.

Left side having small panel: beget divorce or result in male house owner pass away at an early age.  Also indicates health issues and accident prone.

Right side having small panel: above beget applies similar to female house owner.


Recommended approach is to replace this door type with a single panel or double panels with equal width.  This eliminates the Sha Qi identified above.  If due to budget or other constraints, alternative would be to place five imperial ancient coins (五帝钱) under the smaller panel.


No. 8

pillar door 2.jpg.png

Image 8

Image 8 illustrates Sha Qi literally known as “hitting a pillar when going out” (出門見柱).  It may not be the best example but hope this convey the message of seeing a pillar when opening the door.

This Sha Qi can come in following forms:

1.  A concrete pillar similar to the one above

2.  A tree in front of a gate of a bungalow

3.  An electrical pole in front of main door seen in overseas

In Feng Shui context, family member will be accident prone and also subject to gossips in their workplace.

A traditional method would be placing an ornament on top of the main door with mirror characteristic (e.g. 山海镇 or 九宮八卦牌 ).  Alternatively, place a row of plants or flowers to act as a partition (化煞) if permit allows.

To learn more, can read our articles on plants and flowers.


No. 9

gong door edited.png

Image 9

Image 9 illustrates Sha Qi known as tombstone door (拱門煞/ 墓碑煞) as it resembles shape of a tombstone.  This is commonly seen in the house interior or at the main door.

In Feng Shui context, family member will subject to unnecessary issues created by colleagues at workplace.  At home, elders in the family will have health issues.  In addition, this shape will attract spirits due to the doorway design.  This resulted in  restless nights for the residents.

Recommended approach is to level the top to eliminate the negative energy.  This will remove the arch shape and return to a normal doorway form.  If due to finance constraint, five imperial ancient coins (五帝钱) or crystal balls to be placed at both ends of the top door frame.


No. 10

door see lift edited

Image 10

Image 10 illustrates Sha Qi literally known as “opening door and see the lift” (開門見電梯).

In Feng Shui context, the lift direction will reflect the entire family fortune and luck. Going up and down which resulted in instability.  Staying here will also experienced noise pollution affecting the residents’ sleep quality.

Best recommended not to purchase such house if possible.



No. 11








Image 11

Image 11 illustrates the Sha Qi known as “butterfly door” (蝴蝶門).  This is identified by two main doors side by side or two bedroom doors found in the house itself.  This applies if the doors are symmetric in size and shape.

In Feng Shui context, couple in this house will have relationship issues and may face extramarital affairs.  Family unity is also quite tough to maintain.

Best to change one or both door style to sliding door or hidden door design.  This will remove the  Sha Qi sight.  If budget constraint, an opaque door binder, around 3/4 of the door length can be used to remove the sight.


No. 12

Tilted door/ Slanted door is when the main door is tilted at a certain angle which is not the usual 90 degree.  A subjective matter where Feng Shui masters will tell you different things.

In Feng Shui context, this is known as tilted door or crocked mouth door (歪嘴門/ 斜門).

If tilted angle is not right, this will attract negative spirits and having unnecessary issues by colleagues at workplace.

Other Feng Shui master may advocate this creates wealth and harmony as it is in the right direction to receive the positive energy airflow (Qi).  Another purpose is to avert Sha Qi which the original angle is receiving.

The angle is usually calculated based on the house owner’s Bazi.  Do note that this also affect rest of the family member.

This method is proposed when there seem to have no other solutions by Feng Shui master.  Lastly, best to avoid purchasing such a house if this tilted door already done as the receiving angle may not be favorable for you.



Hopefully, above sights gives you some guidelines to look out for during your next house hunting or as a conversation starter with your Feng Shui master.  Next, learn about Feng Shui colors with key takeaways from the author anecdote.

To learn more about what Feng Shui didn’t inform you, you can read our article.


Thank you & Good Luck !

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