2019 Flying Stars Fengshui DIY Part 1

Nine stars Feng Shui In Da House Singapore
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Previously, we talked about 8 popular plants to buy during the upcoming Chinese Lunar New year. Today, we are diving in depth by applying 2019 Flying Stars (飞星) in your home. This article also coincides with our newly launched free online tools.

The Flying Stars chart is under Xuan Kong Feng Shui (玄空风水). Entirely different from Eight Mansion Feng Shui (八宅风水) which uses Ming Gua (命卦) to find East West Group (东西命). For Ming Gua calculation, you can read our article for more detail.

Above are some of the approaches used by Feng Shui masters during house audit.

We split the article into 2 parts.

1. How to DIY to get your house directions.

2. How to use the 2019 flying stars chart and apply on your house.

For the DIY, there are 3 simple steps to get your directions out. You need the following to do the tasks.

  1. Floor plan of your house
  2. Any Compass (Either phone compass app or normal compass will do, you don’t need a Luo Pan)
  3. Pencil to draw

Step 1. Box Your House

Picture 1. Box your house

Box your house as much as possible by maximizing the interior floor area (e.g. See red rectangle above). Ignore any exterior areas such as balcony, AC Ledge and lift area. The flying stars only apply to interior of the house.

After the box is drawn, draw 2 lines from corners of the box (e.g. See red dotted lines above). The intersection is center of the house.

Step 2. Find Your House Directions

Picture 2. Stand at centre of the house

Stand at the intersection point physically which you have drawn in step 1. Whip out your phone compass app or any normal compass to get the directions.

Step 3. Mark the Directions On Your Floor Plan

Picture 3. Mark your directions

Based on the compass bearing, we divided the floor plan into 8 equal segments. See above example. These steps set the context ready when you apply the 2019 flying stars chart.

Hopefully, this DIY article allows you to find the directions of your house and apply with the flying stars in our part 2 of our article.

On relevant article for 2019, you can read the masters forecasts for 2019 zodiac to get an advantage start.

Thank you & Good Luck !

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