Bazi reading

An infographic on Bazi reading concept. View them to learn about your own Bazi profile (Paht Chee) to maximise your opportunity & talents.

Bazi, a life map, to navigate oneself around the down and leverage the upside of life. Knowing one’s Bazi gives insights to either

  1. Solve problem in your current situation
  2. Position yourself at the right timing to capitalise your wealth
  3. Maximise your career talent

Having your own Bazi profile enable you to know your opportunity timing for that period and position yourself to capitalise on it. Not only that, identify pitfalls to evade & prevent repercussion.

Reach out to Feng Shui In Da House for an appointment with Fengshui master to get your Bazi analysis done. You will be provided with a report of your Bazi talent profile with master’s advice.

Bazi reading

Thank you & good luck!

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