What are the key factors in life Fengshui?

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You probably heard a lot about old Chinese saying :


which literally means Destiny, Luck, Fengshui, Ethics, Academic respectively. They are ranked according to factors required to succeed in life. In olden days, people are cast in mindset of pre-designated life role due to society hierarchy.

In today context, these are changed due to society social mobility, openness, opportunities arises local and overseas. What has not changed since is the wisdom that these factors are important in success. Not factors such as greed, corruption or sins to reach success.

Another thing that perhaps has changed is allocation of priorities on the above 5 factors. Academic or learning knowledge is now more important than resigning life to destiny.

As mentioned in one of our articles, Fengshui only contribute an estimate of 30% in your success. Efficient hard work in right direction is still the main key contributor.

Key factors

By now, you should have read or seen masters advocating on house fengshui, Bazi (paht chee/ 八字) or Zi wei duo shu (紫微斗数) to analyse and improve your current situation. These are all correct partially but not from a holistic view.

Below are actions the rich often deployed in Fengshui.

  1. Bazi/ Zi wei duo shu/ any individual analysis
  2. House audit
  3. Ancestral tombs/ tablets audit

Above actions required a sustainable amount of fund to search for an ideal location, source the right material and construct personalised structural according to design to match Fengshui standards. These are the maximal actions one can do to maximise one’s Fengshui aspect for items #2 and #3.

For item #1 which is based on birth date time. These, under normal circumstance, can’t be changed. However, for baby due soon, they can alter the birth date time to auspicious one which benefits the family through cesarean delivery.

For some master, this is considered taboo as it changed the pre-destined birth time and may comeback as karma if unforeseen situation arises. Situations such as doctor arriving late or other minor incident which ultimately delay the timing.

Nonetheless, these combined key factors in improving one’s life Fengshui only doable when budget allows. Average person will not spend such a fortune to get all these things in place. As such, one will and can only improve one area at a time with the right master to do so.


As a bonus in this article, some actions one can do to improve one’s life Fengshui without monetary involved. Following is after verse of the above saying.


which literally means Name, Facial features, Worship gods, Friends, Noblemen, Health, Career, Spouse, Pursue good fortune and avoid disater.

Having a good network of friends doesn’t cost much money (less entertainment or meetup for meals). Maintaining a health body doesn’t cost much either. In fact, having a career gives you money to improve your life.

Filial piety is another area you can work on by giving back to parent who painstakingly raise you up for who you are today. It doesn’t cost much given the days they are probably earning less than you.

You get what i mean.

Author’s view

The base of all these is the mindset to stay positive and healthy, maintain health relationships, doing good deeds in society to nourish your spirits in giving.

Things won’t always be negative as of today, stay positive, think or sought advice from legal channel (e.g. counseling) or trusted friends to get suggestions.

Think critically and see if all these helps to move yourself out of current situation. Plan and take small actionable concrete steps. Learn to read books.

Learn to say no to things or people which/ who create such bad situation or similar bad situation in the first place. Eventually, things will become better with changed environment and friends.

Hope above helps.

Thank you & good luck!

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