What Feng Shui didn’t tell you about?

Providing A Neutral Perspective

Conflict of interest – is the main reason Feng Shui master didn’t tell you. Having a neutral perspective is the existence for Feng Shui In Da House. An unbiased and transparent platform to share master and Fengshui, Astrology and tarot information & knowledge. The main purpose is for users to understand and select the right master to fit their needs.

As such, we don’t provide consultancy service. Our aim is not to go against practitioners but seek collaboration to improve the community for transparency and digital online through this platform.  

Back to our topic

You won’t ask a barber whether you need a hair cut

Above analogy applies in Fengshui, a master will always inform you there is something to improve on. No matter what situation you are in, good or bad.

Feng Shui is supposed to view as a non-core factor/ side support to your success, not a silver-proof bullet. You can’t reach your goal just by focusing on Feng Shui alone.

General rule of thumb is 70% effort and 30% Feng Shui. Obsessive over Feng Shui makes the master’s pocket deeper and fatter, not yours.

Sustainable success should not be seen achievable within short time frame.  Exception are the lucky ones. Hence, Feng Shui items/ additional services after house audit should managed within your financial means. There is always a chance to buy the item next time when your budget allows.

Feng Shui master, if lucky, should be positioned as life mentor who you can sought for suggestions and use it to benefit your life.  You have chose him/ her for a reason, not as a investigator to questions their methods.

If there is not visible result and the later keep on asking money for service or items, better to seek elsewhere than to be broke. For the master end, mindfulness not to spew malicious words or target people directly to demoralize nor discourage their hopes completely.  

Author’s view

In author’s view, this sort of behavior is similar to indirectly killing someone. Even if a situation is dire, master should not give up on the person directly but explain tactfully to enlighten the person on their limits and the perception of reality.

Not to distort reality unethically and abuse to his/ her own advantage for monetary or personal gains. This is subjective and not within the control of our platform.

What we can do is advocate here as a gentle reminder to our readers. We always believe karma exists and if a master receive a certain amount of money, he/ she needs to pay back in term of service/ product.

Thus, we featured a karma image as a visual reminder for others and ourselves. Remember to do good deeds, big or small, if situation allows for society such as effort or donation.

Hope above resonates with you.  Next, read one of our most popular articles on top 3 critical areas to consider during a house audit.

Thank you & Good Luck !

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