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One of the Feng Shui theory commonly use by Feng Shui master during house audit is Eight Mansion (八宅風水 -东西命).  They based calculation on the house owner’s birth date, time and gender to determine which group (East or West) house owner belong to. Known as Ming Gua (命卦), they determine his/ her favorable directions based on the group they reside in. After which, they will find out the main door direction to determine if the house is a good fit for the owner during house audit. This form of calculation is fixed and will not change with time. For practical reason, you can’t engage a Feng Shui master to tag along for every pre-selection property. An easier way is to filter the right house on your own by finding which group you belong to.  Based on that, get the favorable directions and use this to determine the property.  Only then, you engage a master to read the house. To understand this simple concept, there are 3 steps
1.  Determine your Ming Gua(命卦) 2.  Know your favorable directions 3.  Understand what are the stars in these directions

1.  Determine your Ming Gua(命卦)

There are a total of 8 directions in both East and West Groups.

East Group (東四命): 坎 (1), 震 (3), 巽 (4), 离 (9) West Group (西四命): 坤 (2), 乾 (6), 兑 (7), 艮 (8)

Calculation Method: Male: 100 – last 2 digits of your born year / 9 Female: last 2 digit of your born year – 4 / 9 After getting the result, the result remainder is the number used to determine your Ming Gua (1 to 9). If there is no remainder which is 0, consider it as 9 (East Group). If born year can’t be divided by 9, add 9 to your born year and use the result to do division. Example of born year 1984 Male: 100 – 84 = 16 /9,remainder is 7 which is 兑 (7) , West Group. Female: 84 – 4 = 80 /9, remainder is 8 which is 艮 (8) , West Group.

2.  Know your favorable directions

Based on your Ming Gua, below are your favorable directions.

East Group (東四命): North, South, East, South-East

West Group (西四命): West, South-West, North-West, North-East

Based on your Ming Gua and its number (1 to 9), identify your auspicious stars in these favorable directions.  After which, used them as reference whenever you go for pre-selection. Find out the main door facing direction and see if this matches your favorable reference.

3.  Understand the Stars in these directions

Out of the four directions, you can then choose the preferred stars based on your needs at your phase in life.  Understand the Stars in these directions. Stars by ranking and their meaning:

1. 生气: Very good wealth luck, energetic and healthy family.  Good for entrepreneur.

2. 延年: Good wealth luck, longevity and healthy family.  Good for elderly.

3. 天医: Wealth luck not bad, good for illness recovery and got opportunity that you get good support.

4. 伏位: Wealth luck good, average luck and good health.

Favorable stars are in red.  Non-favorable stars are in gray. East Group (東四命) West Group (西四命) A full illustration based on the 3 steps explained My Ming Gua is 兑 (7) , belong to west Group (西四命). Under 兑 (7) Ming Gua, the stars ranking in the 4 favorable directions are below.  I just need to find these set of bearing degrees that fits my main door direction whenever I go for pre-selection.  That’s it, simple. We have not touch on the non-favorable directions and their meaning. This is not relevant during pre-selection as you are sourcing for right house.  The Ming Gua assessment of a house is not the only way.  Sometimes, if the situation forces you to take a non-favorable direction, don’t worry, there is always a way to solve this. If you want to know the non-favorable directions for curiosity sake, kindly drop a comment below and I will answer them personally. Next, we will discuss on a favorite topic in modern Feng Shui – top 10 plants on attracting good wealth, fortune & health into your house! If you are interested, you can read our 5 series articles on Feng Shui 4 main directions used during a house audit. BONUS: Try our free online tools to find out which group (East/ West) your Ming Gua (命卦) belong to. If not, you can read on another Feng Shui theory, our 2019 Flying Star article. Thank you & Good Luck !

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