Guide to 4 directions in Fengshui Part 5

In this 5th series article, we will be sharing on the recommendation and things to best avoid in Black Turtle (后玄武).

You can read about our 1st article which share an overview of Feng Shui directions in a house audit.  If not, you can jump to our 2nd article on Green Dragon (左青龙) direction and different approaches in placing Feng Shui items.  Our 3rd article is on the infamous White Tiger (右白虎) direction with additional information on shapes and their elements.  4th article is on Red Phoenix (前朱雀) direction and information on colors and their elements.

Elements are represented by different animal zodiac.

1.  Metal(金): Monkey, Rooster

2.  Wood(木):  Tiger, Rabbit

3.  Water(水):  Rat, Pig

4.  Fire(火):  Snake, Horse

5.  Earth(土):  Ox, Goat, Dog, Dragon

The Feng Shui zodiac that you purchased must be suitable to your element.  E.g. Fire element requires wood (Tiger, Rabbit) but not water (Rat, Pig).

>> represents support


Read: Wood(木) support Fire(火), Fire(火) support Metal(金)

<< represents against


Read: Water(水) against Fire(火), Fire(火) against Metal(金)

Black Turtle (后玄武) – represents strong backing (靠山)

Following are recommendation and common daily items

1.  Big and tall buildings behind the house but not too near or too far

2.  Preferably hill or mountain behind, however, the terrain cannot be bare, rocky or over crowded by plants

3.  Best to be quiet environment

Best to avoid following in Black Turtle direction

1.  Water elements such as pond, well,  river or road.

2.  North-facing house has a small house/ extension connected at the west of the main house

Hopefully, above article will give the readers a general guideline on Black Turtle (后玄武direction and common Feng Shui items placement.  This concluded our 5th article series.

Next, we will touch on a common pre-selection technique based on Eight Mansion Feng Shui.  Known as Ming Gua (命卦) when choosing a house based on main door direction – East(东四命) or West (西四命) Group.

Else, you can read on our DIY article on finding your own Flying Stars directions in your home.

Thank you & Good Luck !

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