Guide to 4 directions in Fengshui Part 4

In this 4th article series, we will be sharing on recommendation and things to best avoid in Red Phoenix (前朱雀) direction.

You can read about our 1st article which share an overview of Feng Shui directions in a house audit.  If not, you can jump to our 2nd article on Green Dragon (左青龙) direction and different approaches in placing Feng Shui items.  Our 3rd article is on the infamous White Tiger (右白虎) direction with additional information on shapes and their elements.

Elements are represented by different colors.

1.  Metal: White, Silver, Gold, Apricot

2.  Wood: Green

3.  Water: Black, Blue, Gray

4.  Fire: Red, Purple

5.  Earth: Yellow, Brown, Coffee


Red Phoenix (前朱雀) – mainly represents relationships & future prospects


Following are recommendation and common daily items

1.  Physical space to be spacious

2.  Physical space to be kept constantly clean

3.  Physical space to be brightly lit

4.  Clock


Best to avoid following in Red Phoenix direction, especially Main door

1.  2 main doors directly facing each other

2.  Facing electric pole/ transformer type of objects

3.  Facing Cross road

4.  Facing narrow walkway/ space between 2 buildings

5.  Facing empty house


Hopefully, above article will give the readers a general guideline on Red Phoenix (前朱雀) direction and common Feng Shui items placement.

This leads us to our 5th & last article series where we will delve into details on Black Turtle (后玄武) direction.


Thank you & Good Luck !

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