Guide to 4 directions in Fengshui Part 3

In this 3rd article series, we will be sharing on the recommendation and things to best avoid in White Tiger (右白虎) direction.

You can read about our 1st article which share an overview of Feng Shui directions in a house audit.  If not, you can jump to our 2nd article on Green Dragon (左青龙) direction and different approaches in placing Feng Shui items.

First, we will start off by elements their shapes representation.

1.  Round represents Metal element

2.  Square represents Earth element

3.  Rectangle represents Wood element

4.  Triangle represents Fire element

5.  Wavy/ Curvy represents Water element


White Tiger (右白虎) – represents indirect wealth (偏财) & protecting wealth (守财)


Following are recommendation and common daily items

1.  Items shorter than Green Dragon side such as shoe cabinet, coffee desk

2.  Items/ Physical space that are quiet or do not make noise

3.  Items/ space that are dirty or smelly such as rubbish bin, toilet and kitchen space

4.  Physical space that are dark or poorly lit such as storage room

5.  Metal material items such as metal statues or metal material/ round Feng Shui items. Preferably white, silver or gold in color.  Often placed in living room.

6.  Good for placing Feng Shui items that are suitable for indirect wealth (yellow crystals) or wealth protector such as treasure bowl (聚寶盆),  metal 3-legged money toad (三足金蟾)


Best to avoid following placement in White Tiger direction

1.  Wall Clock

2.  Photo frame

3.  Brightly lit physical space

4.  Noise making items or noisy physical space


Hopefully, above article will give the readers a general guideline on White Tiger (右白虎) direction and common Feng Shui items placement.

This leads us to our 4th article series where we will delve into details on Red Phoenix (前朱雀) direction.


Thank you & Good Luck !

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