Guide to 4 directions in Fengshui Part 2

In our 2nd article series, will be sharing on recommendation and things to avoid in Green Dragon (左青龙) direction.  If you missed out our Feng Shui fundamental concept in 1st series, kindly read them here.

Few approaches to placing Feng Shui items (non-ranking order):

1.  Home Feng Shui (居家风水)

2.  Current Year Feng Shui (流年风水)

3.  Bazi Feng Shui for individual (八字风水)

4.  Xuan Kong Feng Shui based on 20 years period (玄空风水)

5.  Others


For approach #1, is an one time reading based on house direction.  For approaches #2 & #4, they are on a fixed time horizon which required to shift the items after certain period of time.  Approach #3 is based mainly on individual and often the house owner (usually is personal Bazi reading + house audit).


Green Dragon (左青龙) – represents direct wealth (正财) & earning power (咬钱)


Following recommendation with some commonly seen furniture placement

1.  Height that is taller than White Tiger side such as cabinet, cupboard, study table

2.  Items generating sound that are loud or noisy such as speakers, TV, common area

3.  Items/ Physical space that are constantly kept clean

4.  Physical space that are kept constantly bright such as installation of spot light, display cabinet

5.  Evergreen plants/ flowers that have broad and round leaves (non-exhaustive) if situation allows in living room:

Phaedriel's-orchid  a.  Orchids (兰花) – Wealth

Zanzibar Gem  b.  Zanzibar Gem (雪铁芋 aka 金钱树) – Wealth

chestnut c.  Australian Chestnut (栗豆树 aka 绿元宝树) – Wealth

lucky bamboo  d. Lucky bamboo (富贵竹) – Wealth

Asparagus retrofractus L..jpg  e.  Asparagus retrofractus L.  (蓬莱松) – Wealth

lily  f.  Lily 百合 – Loving Family


Best to avoid the following, especially in living room (non-exhaustive):

a. Cactus (仙人掌) – Invite gossips

b. Rhododendron (杜鹃花) – Sad departure/ mourning for loved ones

c. Rose (玫瑰) – Invite challenges for family fortune & luck due to thorns

d.  Dirty & untidy physical space such as rubbish bin

e.  Dark or poorly lit physical space such as storage room


Hopefully, above article will give the readers a general guideline on Green Dragon (左青龙) direction and common Feng Shui items placement.

This leads us to our 3rd article series where we will delve into details on the White Tiger (右白虎) direction.


Thank you & Good Luck !

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