Guide to 4 directions in Fengshui Part 1

In this 5 articles series, we will be explaining the 4 main Feng Shui directions in Singapore.  We will be sharing the basic understanding on each direction focusing on recommendation & things to best avoid in a house.  As this guide is using Landform Feng Shui (峦头风水) to assess a house and its surrounding environment, other schools of Feng Shui audit will not be discussed here to avoid confusion.

Before diving into any of these directions, there is a need to get the bearing right  first by understanding fundamental of macro environment (大环境风水) VS micro environment (居家风水).  We are reviewing on surrounding environment of the house, thus macro environment of country terrain is not discussed.

In Landform Feng Shui,  first identify the ideal environment or create the most suitable environment, only then the environment combined with the air flow movement/ hovering in the house to create a positive effect.

Below depicts an ideal macro environment(大环境风水) based on a house facing direction (note, not by compass nor Luo Pan direction).

Feng shui


2 approaches to determine the directions:

a.  Based on the brightest amount of light perceive into the house, usually is the living room windows or balcony direction

b.  Based on the main door facing direction, determine by standing in the house and looking out

When facing the front direction, on your left is known as green dragon (左青龙), right is known as white tiger (右白虎), front as red phoenix (前朱雀) and back as black turtle (后玄武).


Following aspects to look out for

1. Green Dragon – Must be higher & longer in height than White tiger side.  This can be building beside staying house/ the building on left side must be either higher than the tiger side.  Not advisable to have bad smell related areas such as rubbish collection area.

2. White Tiger – Must be lower & shorter in height than Green Dragon side.  There must be no water elements such as pond, hole-like objects similar to a mouth feature.  Else, this is known as Tiger open its mouth and blood must be seen. (白虎开口,必有血光)

3. Red Phoenix – Best advise not to be facing direct door to door.  Not advisable to have bad smell related areas such as rubbish collection area.

4. Black Turtle – Best to have conducive environment, not to have water elements such as pond, road or river behind the house.  Also not to have downward slope behind the house.

To pick the worst of all, in author’s viewpoint, White tiger is the most important factor to be aware of.  Of course, there are always ways to avert this but given a choice, it is recommended to choose another location.

Below depicts an ideal micro environment(居家风水) based on a compass direction.  Notice the differences of the house, mountain & water icons are gone.  This is based on compass direction reading in the house.


The above set the general guideline for Feng Shui items or daily common items based on colors and elements in each direction.  This is based only on house’s Feng Shui and not from individual’s Bazi direction.

In term of placing Feng Shui items, the colors, shapes, materials or animal zodiac items are often represented as one of the above elements (e.g. red/ triangle would represent fire, rat represents water)

Directions general interpretation:

1. Green Dragon in East – wood element items such as plants are favorable in this direction.  What type of plants will be determine by what needs you required.  Also favorable will be green featured Feng Shui items.

2. White Tiger in West – metal element items such as white featured Feng Shui items or metal type material items are favorable.

3. Red Phoenix in South – fire element items such as red featured/ triangle shaped Feng Shui items are favorable.

4. Black Turtle in North – water element items such as black featured Feng Shui items are favorable.

5. Center – Earth element such as yellow featured Feng Shui items.  Due to a common debate of which is the Feng Shui animal in center position, we did not place them (麒麟/ 黄龙/ 螣蛇).

If another school of Feng Shui is applied to the same house above, there will be different placement of Feng Shui items. (e.g. Xuan Kong Feng Shui such as Xuan Kong Fei Xing is audited on the house).


Hope above explanation gives a basic understanding of general guideline on 4 main Feng Shui directions.  This then leads us to our 2nd article series where we will delve into details on the Green Dragon (左青龙) direction.


Thank you & Good Luck !

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