Good & Bad Feng Shui Masters in Singapore

Previously, we talked about different Feng Shui styles in Singapore.

In Feng Shui house audit, the main objective is to generate a positive effect for house owner and the family.  However, this result is highly depends on different contributing factors.  An examples is the number of house audit change requests identified by the master.  The result would depend greatly on house owner if he/she follow through on the requests.

After the audit is completed, reviews (e.g. Facebook)/ testimonials, forums content will be created or via friends’ hearsay.  These written content is then used to assess a master either good or bad.

To prevent such unbiased assessment, we are not taking into consideration the above as this is something beyond this article goal.

Points to note

1. Famous doesn’t mean good.

2. Aged or looking old doesn’t equivalent to wise or full of wisdom.

3. Result is the one that matters. Not reputation nor cheap audit price.


What’s make a Good Feng Shui Master?

A good Feng Shui master lies in their talent in learning, exposure and how fast in absorbing Feng Shui knowledge. Naturally, they would have people skillset.  Cold and warm reading due to job nature of advising people daily from all walks of life.

In Singapore, a house owner typically defines good Feng Shui based on 4D or TOTO result after a house audit.  However, there are times when Feng Shui master would based on the family needs such as health than wealth due to the owner’s Bazi or 流年 (current year fortune). In addition, they will take into consideration the financial capability in buying any items/ ability to fulfill all the house audit change requests. A balance needs to be strike and is usually determine intrinsically by Feng Shui master.

Is the effective result you are looking for, not the high profile or unique/ rare Feng Shui style.  This should be the general direction in making a decision for engaging a Feng Shui master.

Often, house owner are immense in the master deep expertise in Feng Shui knowledge and their in-depth talk during house audit.  This may at times create deviation from the initial goals. (Advise to prepare a list of questions and goals you intend to achieve)

To assess effectiveness of a house audit result, it will normally take around a couple of week to 1 month at best. This can be from feeling energetic, in good spirits or good things coming in your way (maybe 4D/ TOTO/ career promotion). This can be felt during your staydue to the positive vibes/ Qi (气) created.

When engaging a Feng Shui master, be mindful the choice of words used and his intention. Sometimes, the negative effect of certain house area or 煞气 (negative energy) is not that significant. The Feng Shui master will then use skewed negative words/ description to create a sense of fear to entice you on buying Feng Shui Items.

There is nothing wrong in buying Feng Shui items but the house owner got to observe if the Feng Shui master is a pessimist.  One who focus on negativity and not the good part of the house. 相宅如相人 (Auditing a house is similar to reading a face). You can’t expect a perfect face with good fortune only nor a bad face with bad fortune only.

There are always good and bad areas and the key is how to react/ cater to these identified issues. There is always more than one way to solve an issue and this depends on how resourceful and skilful the master is. This lies the difference between a master and an amateur.

Often, there is an unwritten contradicting rule between house owner and Feng Shui master – conflict of interest. Feng Shui master only can attend to one house audit at a time. This explains why they charge high for their consultancy fee (also depend on their popularity and service demands). They need to earn their upkeep due to high living cost in Singapore. As such, their house audit effort and time are always restricted to a certain hours (effort vs time).

Though now house audit charges often comes in package, it may lies a hidden cost such as blessing Feng Shui items with their ritual. House owner will realise this when engaging them. Advise to check in advance or refer to our Feng Shui Masters portfolio where we identify such request.


Key questions to ask in buying Feng Shui items

1. How much more is enough ?

2. Is it critical to need it now or can buy this in a stagger manner/ near future?

For cases where Feng Shui master is established and have their a group of disciples earning upkeep in their place. They may be more focus on audit with a deeper thought of what’s good for the owner now and future.

Thirdly, know this from a Feng Shui master that Feng Shui master themselves is human and have their own life cycle of ups and downs. If you are unlucky in certain phase in life and happen to pick the ones who is going downhill. The selection and audit may not be as effective due to their mis-judgement during house audit.

Hopefully, the above article will give the readers some basic guidelines to look out for when choosing their Feng Shui master.

Lastly, all feedback are appreciated!

Feng Shui directions are often used to assess during a house audit.  Read our next 5-part series article on Guide to Feng Shui 4 main directions in Singapore.


Thank you & Good Luck !

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