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Next time, when you walk into a home or office in Singapore, observe the plants they grow in the environment.   Often, you will see plants associated with Feng Shui hidden meaning. In this article, we will share the common plants that are used in modern Feng Shui.  Often, broad green leaves will be the common characteristics.  Below illustrates the top 10 plants for enhancing your home Feng Shui.   Plants

Pine Greeting Guests(迎客松): For improving relationships.  Also good for placing in business/ office to signify welcoming guests.  

Ming fern(蓬莱松): Generally for good fortune & wealth.  However, different direction placement has different meaning. In the East indicate health.  As for South-East direction, is for wealth & success.  Placing in the South, is for good reputation & knowledge.  Lastly, placing in the  North is for career prospect.  

Ardisia Crenata Sims

Australian holly(万两金): For attracting wealth.  

Lucky bamboo(富贵竹): For attracting wealth.  

Dwarf umbrella Tree(七叶莲):For attracting wealth.  

Malabar chestnut aka Fortune Tree(发财树):  For attracting wealth.  

Nippon lily(万年青):  For longevity, lasting friendship, good fortune & wealth.  If blossom, it signify friendships, health and wealth has a fruitful result.  

Rubber Fig(橡皮树):  For attracting wealth. However, beware that Corn Palm species is poisonous to home pets/ children.  

Corn Palm(巴西铁树): For longevity, good fortune & wealth and to improve determination.  However, beware that Corn Palm species is poisonous to home pets/ children.  

Zanzibar gem(金钱树):  For attracting wealth.  Normally, this is placed both sides near the main office door.  However, take note this species is poisonous to home pets/ children.  

Some plants are not recommended to place in living rooms.  Examples are cactus, climbing plants with vines or rose due to the thorns they have/ vine-like characteristics. In Feng Shui context, this may hurt family fortune(家运) or create negative energy.

Growing plants in the living room, balcony or corridor areas are the common placement.They not only help to enhance your wealth, health and fortune.  The colors are good for eyes relaxation and serve as a natural air purifier.

Generally, placing plants at living room (direct/ indirect wealth position (明/ 次财位) , balcony or corridor areas should suffice in giving positive energy to the house.

If you are engaging Feng Shui master for house audit.  You can also ask for recommendation if you plan to have plants in your house.  This is because there are many different situations during house audit for Feng Shui items placement (really depend on Feng Shui masters style).

They can be placed based on direct wealth position (明财位), indirect wealth position (次财位) and individual zodiac/ Baizi consideration. Nonetheless, a good way to gauge positive energy is the leaves color.  Lush green leaves or plants indicate that the effect is good. However, if it turns yellowish or brown, indicate that the plants are not growing healthy and the positive energy is low.

Hopefully, above article will give the readers an overview of common Feng Shui plants in Singapore.  If you have any additional plants with Feng Shui purpose to share, you can just drop us a comment below.

For our next article, a similar topic in modern Feng Shui – top 10 flowers on attracting good wealth, fortune & health into your house!

Thank you & Good Luck !

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