Top 10 flowers to enhance your home

Previous article we discussed on top 10 plants in attracting wealth, fortune & health into one home.  For those with green fingers, this article will be sharing different flowers varieties in modern Feng Shui. As flowers required more time dedication and life span is generally shorter than plants, it may not be suitable for time-poor people.  The benefit of having flowers in your home will give vibrance and fragrant, thus creating a positive living ambiance.  


Pineapple flower Feng Shui In Da House

Guzmania Conifera aka cone-headed guzmania (鸿运当头 aka 凤梨科的花卉):  Signify Opportunity knocks or Good fortune & Luck Coming your way.  

Wax Begonia(海棠花):  Signify multiple meanings; Good fortune, nobility, family harmony.  Alternative, if place in study room, it will improve your child (girl) to grow up to have good fortune & wealth during their upbringing.  Note that they may contain mild poison which causes rashes or vomiting.  

Clivia Miniata (君子兰): Signify happiness.  When it blooms, signify good news coming and the better the family ambiance the nicer the flowers will be.  

Impatiens Balsamina(凤仙花): Attracting wealth and good luck.  

Spathiphyllum aka Peace Lilies(白掌花): Signify “Smooth-sailing” since the petal resembles a sail.  This depends on the placement in the house for emphasize in career, family happiness or wealth.  

Osmanthus Fragrans aka Sweet Osmanthus(桂花):  Signify Good Fortune and Wealth.  

Peony(牡丹): Signify multiple meanings; Good Fortune, Luck & Wealth.  Able to gain  support from people.  

Yulan Magnolia(玉兰花): Signify harmony in couple relationships and bring good luck to certain zodiac (water elements such as rat)  

Tulips(郁金香):  Signify Good luck and bringing good fortune and prevent mishaps for zodiac such as cow.    

Subtle meaning in this combination:

Yulan Magnolia(玉兰花), Wax Begonia(海棠花) & Peony(牡丹) are often placed together to signify rising high up in career with great wealth & fortune (玉堂富贵).  This not only apply to flowers and also in flowers painting.  

Flowers to avoid

Best to avoid the following:

Rhododendron (杜鵑花) – Signify sad departure

Roses (玫瑰) – thorns signify challenges faced in family fortune

Cactus – signify inviting gossips & poor relationships in the house.

Common spaces to growing flowers are living room, balcony or along the corridor areas. Not only help to enhance wealth, health and fortune. The natural green are good for eyes relaxation and serve as a natural air purifier.

Generally, placing plants at living room (direct/ indirect wealth position (明/ 次财位) , balcony or corridor areas suffice in giving positive vibes in the house.

For Feng Shui master coming for house audit, you may ask for recommendation on placement.  This is due to different situations specific to the house and the owner.

There are different concepts in placing flowers. Some are placed based on direct wealth position (明财位), indirect wealth position (次财位) or individual zodiac/ Bazi.

Nonetheless, a good way to gauge positive vibes in a house is the flower life condition. Bright & healthy flowers indicate that the beget is good.  However, if it withers or turns brownish, indicate flowers both are not healthy and low positive energy.

Hopefully, above article gives an overview of common Feng Shui flowers in Singapore. If you have any additional flowers with Feng Shui purpose to share, just drop us a comment below.

For our next article, we will discuss on top 3 critical areas to consider during a house audit.

Thank you & Good Luck !

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