Modern Fengshui ornament substitution

In previous article, we wrote about kitchen Feng Shui audit with some suggestions.  In this article, we will be discussing on alternative between classic & modern Feng Shui items.

Before we dive in, Feng Shui items are to be seen as a complementary and not as a critical factor.  In Singapore, masters will either advocate items as necessity or not at all.


Feng Shui Importance

Feng Shui highest importance is often placed on natural environment where the house resides.  This is where airflow aka Qi (气) will flow into the house.  Only then the 3 critical factors are considered, after which, furniture arrangement or renovation or Feng Shui items are applied depending on the master.

In one of our articles, we spoke about different schools of Feng Shui and styles in Singapore which originates from different masters.  Therefore, it is expected that some Feng Shui masters may or may not believe in them as an enhancement.  Thereby, when you engage them, the expectation has to be set upfront.


Aim of our article

The aim of this article is NOT to debate on Feng Shui items but to give house owners an alternatives after the master advised the items.  The dilemma arises when master’s recommendation does not fit into the home theme or your spouse is against having an odd object placing somewhere in the living room.  This is also one of the main reasons that owner do not follow through the audit change request.

So, if you or your engaged master is not into Feng Shui items, then this article properly won’t aide you much.  Otherwise, read on to find out the alternatives you can leverage to gain similar effect.



For simplistic classification, classic items belong to religions or some Chinese myths.  Examples are 3-legged money toad or Laughing Buddha.

Modern items are usually more subtle but hold a meaning under Feng Shui context.  Examples are art pieces, painting or crystal glass (琉璃).

For both items, there is always a question regarding consecration or not.  This is really up to individual preference, religion and trusting Feng Shui master’s advice.  Both approaches do work in their own ways; not taking into uncontrollable factors such as owner own effort & mindset.

Below illustrates both classic and modern items often advised by masters and their alternatives.  We also added beget to provide a understanding.  In this context, placement is


NoClassicModernGeneral beget known (may have other begets too)
1Red Light/ Red items at certain areaHimalayan salt lamp/ Red Paint/ Red matWelcoming or creating Auspicious/ Happiness
23-legged Money Toad (金蟾)/ Pixiu (貔貅)/ deities/ itemsFortune Cat (Black/ Gold)Indirect wealth (偏财)
3God of Fortune (财神)/ deities/ itemsDeer Decoration/ Crystal Glass (琉璃) decoration with similar meaningDirect wealth (正财)
4Classic Chinese PaintingAbstract art painting with same color elements and similar meaningEither representing prosperity, harmony or wealth
5Guan Yin(观音)/ deities/ itemsVase/ Vase with nice painting which symbolise harmony/ wealthSafety (平安)
6Screen (屏风)Cabinet/ door curtain/ window bindTo block airflow
7Waterfall replicaWater Fountain/ Fish tankTo create moving water movement to attract wealth
8Yue Lao (月老)/ Deities/ itemsPink CrystalsTo enhance personal relationships
9Ba Gua Mirror(八卦镜)/ 石敢当/ 山海镇/ ItemsPlants (Cactus)/ Flowers (Butterfly orchids)/ Wind ChimesTo block Sha Qi (煞气)
10Traditional treasure Bowl (聚宝盆)Clay or Procelain Vase or Teapot/ Crystal Glass (琉璃) Bowl or ContainerTo accumulate wealth

Always be mindful

Just be mindful that you do not want to over clutter and make your home looks like a Feng Shui retail shop or chinese restaurants.  In author’s view, this is doing more harm than good.


Hopefully, above article shared give you an option to consider after Feng Shui master advise on some specific items.  It is not mandatory to follow the particular item if you can find an alternatives for your home.  In addition, boils down to your home theme in either an oriental home theme or a modern home theme.

End of the day, it is all about your own preferences and choices. Since you are the one staying on a daily basis in the house, you have to live by it.  Next, we turn our focus to Study room Feng Shui.

Otherwise, you can read our article on which are your favorable directions when going house hunting.


Thank you & Good Luck !

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