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Previous article, we wrote about options for house owners to choose from between classic & modern Feng Shui items.  In this article, we are turning our lens back to study room Feng Shui audit.  A physical space to focus on study or work.

In Singapore 3 or 4 room flat, a room will usually be planned for study or work.  This room will be either for work by owner or school work by the owner’s child.  Due to space constraint, study room normally function for dual or triple purposes.  Some of the purposes maybe a temporary storage area, kid play area or game console and temporary wardrobe.



Some ideal recommendation when choosing a study room.  Still, highly depend on the owner’s needs and personal preferences.

1.  Best advise not to use master bedroom as a study room.

Master bedroom is designed to be most spacious and function as a space for house owners to rest and intimate.  If a master bedroom is used to serve dual purposes such as study/ work & rest.  This will affect the owners’ sleep quality.  The study table in the room serve as a constant visual reminder when going to sleep or just waking up.  This also affect the other half in term of sleep quality and harmony working late at night with lights on.


In Feng Shui context, if a master bedroom functions as other purpose, this impact the female owner child-bearing chances.


2. Preferably, study table is not to lean against the wall.  Otherwise, the user will have no backing or support (没靠山)during work or business (image 1).  This normally won’t affect the child as the child is still too young to garner support.  However, looking at full bookshelf ahead rather than a wall would be better option.  Below shows a simple illustration.

Chair Support

Image 1.


3.  For seating position, prefer not to have ceiling beam or pillar facing in front or pillars on either sides (image 2).  In Feng Shui context, this position signify difficultly in concentration or will face unnecessary obstacles during work.  See below for  illustration.


Image 2.


4.  Suggest not to have mirror facing the study table or behind the seating position.  By this arrangement, difficult in concentration will occur.

5.  Design of study table prefer to be in square or rectangle and not in odd shapes.  Odd shapes such as triangle or table missing a leg or two.  In Feng Shui context, this begets instability future in work.  There is exception that the author observed.  An example of such scenario is when the owner Bazi suit to have fire element and triangle table benefits the owner.  You can read on the elements and their shapes here.

All in all, suggest to use a regular ones instead if you are not in creative industry.

Image 3


6.  Material made of solid wood and not metal or light plastic.

7.  Environment is recommended to have some plants or flowers around.  Not only for eye relaxation purpose and also to improve one’s study luck in Feng Shui context.  Commonly placed are lucky bamboo (幸运竹) and Japanese camellia (山茶花).  To learn more, you can read our flowers or plants articles.

8.  Study table placement is prefer not to place near the door, beside the door or even facing the door directly.  This arrangement applied the same to back of the seating position.  If there are people walking down the corridor or near the door, unnecessary distraction will be created.

9.  For light selection or study lamp, best to be bright for reading and not too dim nor over-powering to the eyes.  Personally, LED light is preferred when reading or working.

10.  Study table placement prefer not to face the windows directly as this create distraction or staring into empty spaces(望空) while studying or working.

11.  Study table size is also prefer to be proportion in accordance to size of the room.  Best not to be big or too small as this should be the “lead actor” or main focus in the room.

12.  Less common approach used in Feng Shui, utilising scent or flower fragrant.  This will create a pleasing and relaxing environment.  Often, done through the following objects:

a.  Natural flowers

b.  Tea leaves storage/ tea leaves drinking corner

c.  Books

d.  Incense powder for study

e.  Essential oils

13.  As mentioned at the start of this article, study room often served multiple purposes in Singapore.  However, this multiple purpose generally decrease one concentration during work or study.  If not limited by choice, study room is recommended to serve a single purpose – work and study.

13. Room color is selected where psychology meaning is used for focus or relaxation.  Usual suspects will be baby blue, apple green or beige.

14.  Paintings or painted motivation quotes are recommended to be placed onto the wall as a constant visual reminder.  It can also be used for relaxation after an intense period of study or work.

15.  Academic position (文昌位)is often seek as it is a critical aspect in Feng Shui.  Generally, there are 3 academic positions in a house.  Again, this depends on Feng Shui master style when auditing your house.  They are

a.  House Feng Shui Academic position(居家风水文昌位)

b.  Individual Bazi Academic position (个人文昌位)

c.  Yearly Academic position (流年文昌位)


House Feng Shui Academic position(居家风水文昌位)

House DirectionAcademic Position


Sit North Face South(坐北向南)Northeast (东北方)
Sit South Face North(坐南向北)Southeast (东南方)
Sit East Face West(坐东向西 )Northwest (西北方 )
Sit West Face East(坐西向东)Southwest (西南方)
Sit Southwest Face Northeast(坐东南向西北)Center, South (中方,南方)
Sit Northwest Face Southeast(坐西北朝东南)East (东方)
Sit Southwest Face Northeast(坐西南朝东北)West (西方)
Sit Northeast Face Southwest (坐东北朝西南)North (北方)


Hopefully, above recommendation & suggestions shared will give you some basic Feng Shui understanding and options.  Next, we will identified Top 10 Exterior Sha Qi (煞气) in Singapore.

To learn other topic, you can read our article on which are your favorable directions when going house hunting.


Thank you & Good Luck !

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