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Previous article, we wrote about Feng Shui Colors & Key Takeaways for house owners to avoid similar pitfalls.

In this article, we will share an overview guide for house owners to read and prepare before engaging Feng Shui master.  This is more of a guide which served as a quick reference on different audit areas of a house.  This ease the readers so they can browse relevant articles which are important to them (suggest to bookmark for future reference).

This article came about from a couple of emails asking on where to start reading to gain a good overview.

Key Articles

1. Top 3 audit areas article

2.  Main door negative energy article

Macro Environment

1.  Top 20 negative energy Part 1 article

2.  Top 20 negative energy Part 2 article

3. 10 Common Water Pathway & Their Characteristics in Your Environment article

Living Room

1. Vestibule/ Entrance Area (玄关) – Part 1 article

2. Living Room (客厅) – Part 2 article

3. Balcony (阳台) – Part 3 article

Study Room

1.  Study room article


1.  Kitchen audit article


1.  Toilet audit article

Fundamental Information

1.  Guide to 4 directions in Feng Shui – Part 1 article

2.  Green Dragon (左青龙) direction – Part 2 article

3.  White Tiger (右白虎) direction – Part 3 article

4.  Red Phoenix (前朱雀) direction – Part 4 article

6.  Black Turtle (后玄武) direction – Part 5 article

8.  Finding your favorable directions of a house article

9.  Feng Shui Colors & takeaways article

        10.  How to choose your Fortune Cat (Maneki Neko) ? article


Articles from a neutral perspective

1. What Feng Shui didn’t tell you about? article

2.  Styles of Feng Shui in Singapore article

3.  Good & Bad Feng Shui Masters in Singapore article

4.  Which comes first, Good Fortune OR Good Feng Shui House ? article

5.  Feng Shui items alternatives options article

6.  How to choose a Feng Shui master to meet your needs article

Hopefully, above overview shed some clarity and ease on where to start reading.  Though this is non exhaustive as there will be more articles coming up but we will try and update here for your future reference.

You can find our latest updated Feng Shui masters list.

Thank you & Good Luck !


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