Living Room Fengshui Audit Part 3

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Previously, we discussed on common areas to look out for during living room audit.  In this 3rd series, will be running through balcony audit and recommendation.  If you missed out our 1st article on vestibule/ entrance area (玄关), you can read them here. For residential, HDB or private, there are only 2 scenarios.

1.  Balcony – either open or closed

2.  No balcony


Balcony – either open or closed

Balcony in Feng Shui context signifies house owner’s career or business prospect.

  Open balcony type is often seen as an alternative to main door.  This is because it channels one of the main airflow into the house.  Usually, the design of the balcony layout/ shape is observed first.  As shapes represent different elements (refer here for quick reference) which can in turn create positive/ negative effect. Apart from common rectangle or square balcony layout, curved is another ideal candidate.  Seen as a natural protector of the house as it reflect any negative energy (煞气) from its surrounding environment that has Sha Qi (煞气).  To learn more about Sha Qi, you can read them here. Curved balcony example: curved balcony.jpg Curved balcony   Odd shaped or uneven appearance balcony is usually not prefer as it signifies hurdles in the house owner’s future prospect.  However, there are exceptions due to the house owner’s Bazi (八字).  Lastly, if really get caught in such situation, there are Feng Shui remedy (not referring to Feng Shui items only) that can be applied to avert or minimise the effect.      

No balcony

With no balcony, does this mean house owner doesn’t has a bright future prospect?

  Apparently not.  If you have read our article, you would understand the importance of creating physical space a same room to differentiate different sections. When there is no balcony, there is always a choice to create one yourself. Common observations in Singapore is create a raised platform using either different materials (e.g. wood vs tiles) or using different colors to differentiate itself from living room.  Alternatively, an enclosed balcony can be formed by creating a partition between living room and the windows.  The choice really depends on home theme and space constraint. Balcony option is good to have, not mandatory.  Perhaps due to constraints in budget or other factors, just ensure essential Feng Shui is covered will be sufficient.   Below illustrates 2 options created for no balcony closed balcony.jpg Closed Balcony             Raised Platform   Beside balcony layout, another aspect to consider would be the environment conditions and daily items. Recommended Conditions & Items

1. Clean & tidy

2. Sufficient daylight to enter the room

3. Sufficient brightness during the night; night lights or ceiling lights

4. Real plants or flowers and avoid cluttering (Plants & flowers articles)

5. No blocking view

  Best to avoid following conditions

1. Design balcony similar to a bird cage/ prison such as using metal grills

2. Clothes & undergarment hanging area

3. Washing machine

4. Storage area such sports, toys & playhouse, etc…

5. Dog/ cat rearing area

  Hopefully, above article gives a guideline of things to look out for, consider and a constructive conversation with Feng Shui master during your house audit. Our next article will be on kitchen audit areas. Else, you can read our article on finding your own favorable directions during house hunting!  
Thank you & Good Luck !

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