Lost art of Feng Shui Painting Part 2

Painting Feng Shui In Da House

Previous article, we discussed on Lost art of Feng Shui painting. In this article, we will be talking about part 2 – Feng Shui Painting. We will share as much as possible to give you a good context of the painting without complicating things such as painting direction, placement, owner zodiac and five elements.

Scenery Painting (山水画)

Painting Feng Shui In Da House

Painting 1. Scenery Painting Above painting depict the ideal scenario of a scenery painting with owner house in the center.

This environment design is based on the Feng Shui five elements; You can read them here. This also explain why the house is protected by mountains.

We will start from top left of the painting. Clouds symbolize auspicious clouds which bring ones good luck. Mountain of treasure shows the owner is having a wealthy backing. Rising sun from the east symbolize the owner’s career/ business is on the rise. Red sun symbolizes one is riding with great luck.

At front of the house, there are 2 groups of trees. On left is used to attract wealth and right is used to avert disaster.  Based on traditional, left side is always used to attract wealth while right is to avert bad stuff. There are 2 streams of river flowing into the pond. This is based on a Chinese proverb known as 左右逢源 which mean abundance wealth opportunities. 

You can see this setup frequently when arranging bed direction in Feng Shui. The pond where the 2 streams flow into is not dead water but moving water which mean ever generating wealth. Not only that, this is drawn in front of the house which mean the owner is getting the maximum wealth due to the house placement and the pathway.

The boat signify smooth sailing for his/ her life journey. This painting is ideal for hanging in office, study room or living room.

Peony Painting (牡丹画)

Painting Feng Shui In Da House

Painting 2. Peony Painting Above painting depicts a bunch of peonies which symbolizes prosperity and nobility.

The adding of the 2 birds signify harmony in the family. The different flower colors symbolizes improvement in different aspects of the owner’s life such as career, family and friendship. You can read more on Feng Shui flowers here.

Fishes Painting (九鱼画)

Painting Feng Shui In Da House

Painting 3. Fish Painting Above picture depicts a commonly seen 9 carp fishes in red and black.

In Feng Shui, crap symbolizes in bringing good luck and prosperity. The drawing of 9 fishes mean recurring prosperity & luck for the owner.

The lotus depicts couple of meanings here. First is lotus symbolize integrity and corruption-free as it grow cleanly out from mud (corruption). Second, combination of lotus and fish mean abundance at the end of each year (年年有余).

Drawing of fishes in clear water symbolizes clear direction in achieving ones’ goal easily. Red/ Orange fishes symbolize attracting wealth and black symbolize averting disaster.

8 Deities crossing river Painting (八仙过海画)

Painting Feng Shui In Da House

Painting 4. Deity Painting Above painting depicts the famous 8 deities crossing a river.

8 deities represents male, female, old, young, rich, nobility, poor and lowly. Chinese proverb behind this is 8 deities crossing a river, each displaying their own capabilities (八仙过海, 各显神通). It also displays 8 different deities weapons which are used for different purposes. Some of them are used to attract wealth, avert disaster and also to avert negative spirits. They also represents usage of the famous Ba Gua (八卦) .

Lastly, commonly seen in office than home living room. In office, generally mean the office employee are full of capable people. At home, this begets the owner will be supported/ help by different talents.

Crane Painting (仙鹤画)

Painting Feng Shui In Da House

Painting 5. Cranes Painting Above picture depicts the cranes.

In Feng Shui, crane symbolizes longevity and auspicious. The olden days, crane symbolizes first ranking among the officials.

Like lotus, it symbolize integrity with no corruption. Crane has another dimension of meaning; it is used to comment someone full of artistic talent. It is often seen residing on pine trees which symbolize lengthening longevity (千岁之鹤依千年之松).

They are seen hanging in study/ art room, office and home with elderly.

Hopefully, this article on Feng Shui painting shared a basic understanding of what each painting means before getting one for yourself next time. For other relevant article, you can read about our article on Living Room Feng Shui Audit.

Thank you & Good Luck !

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2 thoughts on “Lost art of Feng Shui Painting Part 2

  1. Eduard Baylon says:

    this is very helpful… can i use the mountain scenery to put up as a headboard in my bedroom… it will be hanged on the south wall?… will this good fortune for me if not what would be the best replacement painting or poster ?… thank your reply is much appreciated…

    • Main Author says:

      Hello Eduard,

      Thanks for your feedback and reaching out.

      Normally mountain paintings are hanged in the living room or study room.

      As for bed room, it is not recommended. Regarding direction, this has to be based on individual Bazi to further assessed.

      Hope this clarifies.

      Thank you.

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