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Fortune God Feng Shui In Da House Singapore

Beside Spring Cleaning, buying CNY goodies and new clothes. Another popular “hobby” by the Chinese during Lunar New Year is buying lottery. Hopefully the Fortune God smiles on them for a great year ahead!

We wrote this article based on readers’ requests and also to share some tips to spread the festive mood. This concise article will focus on 2 areas; individual & lottery outlets.


How can one individual stands out as a sole winner from 5.6 million population in Singapore?
(data from SingStat 2018)

Beside the usual lucky Zodiac of the year, praying at temple, individual unique luck and fate or even group buy on lottery, below shared some tips to slightly increase the probability.

Couple of things for an individual to know.

1. What does Fortune God likes and dislikes?

2. What must one individual do on regular basis?

Fortune God Preferences

Fortune God is attracted to brightness, cleanliness & neatness. Applied on an individual appearance and also one’s home. Individual or places that are messy, filthy & smelly irk off Fortune God and even human beings.

This is why Spring cleaning during Lunar New Year is important.

To add on, individual or environment with negative vibes coming from constant negative thoughts or actions such as bickering at home is definitely not a place he will want to frequent. Harmony breeds wealth comes from this idea.

To ensure Fortune God attention, one’s need to start to have a positive mindset.

True happiness comes from within

Bathing oneself with fragrant shampoo/ soap/ lotion before you queue up for lottery is a good start. Due to technology advancement, there even exists a commercial wealth soap which comprises of different herbs and flowers said to attract Fortune God attention.

For one’s home, starts by cleaning and clearing away unused stuff. On spoilt items or furniture, simply replace them or throw them away. In Feng Shui context, spoilt or run-down items such as chair, table or peeling off paint implies family fortune going down.

To neturalize the negative vibes in a home. Following methods can be tried out. This served an action reminder that you are starting things all over with a positive start.

1.Marie Kondo’s style (modern) if you want to find joy and appreciation in your stuff.

2. Taoism style (classic) of using clearing incense (除穢) to clear negative vibes of one’s home.

3. Feng Shui (modern) method of using natural salt to clear the vibes by spreading them around the house corners.

4. Western style (modern) of using Sage and smoke the house to clear away negative energy.

Lastly, Fortune God likes bright place, ensure all lights are switch on during CNY’s eve or during Fortune God welcoming days.

Happiness comes from good deeds

When queuing for lottery, ensure one has a positive mindset. Couple of ways to cultivate this habitual mind to ensure happiness.

1. Do good deeds regularly

2. Learnt to live & let live

Use action to create positive vibes rather than negative actions such as daily small complains. Positive attracts more positives and wonderful things. remember to do good deeds without expectation of others.


Beside the TOP 10 outlets such as Yishun and Hougang. Below are some traits based on Eight Mansion Feng Shui (八宅风水) of potential winning outlets.

External Environment

  • A busy place with human traffic
  • Temple nearby
  • Outlet front is wide, clean with no obstacles
  • Corridor or pathway is smooth with no uneven surface

Outlet Interior

  • Walking into outlet do not see
    • Door
    • Toilet
    • Microwave/ Stove/ Any cooking equipment
  • Looking out while standing in the outlet
    • On your left side, dragon territory (龙边), flow of human traffic with no obstacle
    • On your right side, tiger territory (虎边), there is no door nor window. Ideally, it should be at lower noise level.

Nine Palace Flying Stars (九宫飞星)

Beside using Eight Mansion Feng Shui, Flying Stars Feng Shui is another method used to narrow the winning outlets.

In Lunar 2018, outlets facing following direction has a higher chance of getting the big prize.

  • Southwest: Favor yellow
  • East: Favor black or blue

In Lunar 2019, outlets facing following direction has a higher chance of getting the big prize.

  • East: Favor yellow
  • Center Location: Favor white or yellow
  • West: Favor white
  • Northwest: Favor green

Hopefully, above information shared give you some indication and little fun when buying lottery.

We strongly discourage gambling but small punter during this festive season just for fun doesn’t hurt if your budget allows.

It is up to individual choices and responsibility for their own action end of the day.

On relevant article for 2019, you can read the masters forecasts for 2019 zodiac to get an advantage start.

Otherwise, you can read our article on DIY Feng Shui technique (East West Group) when doing pre-property selection. Lastly, for those who want to DIY your 2019 Flying Stars Chart.

Thank you & Good Luck !

Note: If you won, congrats and please do good deeds. For those who have not, don’t despair!

At least you have done good deeds and happiness are with you.

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