Toilet Fengshui Audit


Previous article, we discussed on Fortune Cat (Maneki Neko) selection.  In this article, we are turning our lens towards toilet audit – a topic often missed.  We will focus on identifying toilet locations to avoid during house selection.  In addition, some recommendation on items to liven up the physical space.


Best to Avoid Such Toilet Locations

Toilet is visible when entering through main door

Image 1. Toilet facing main door












In Image 1, you can see that the main door is facing the toilet area.  In Feng Shui context, this signify leak of wealth or family fortune going downhill as toilet should not be the first thing to greet your guests or you.  You can read more about this in our article on recommended items to be placed in vestibule/ entrance area.


Toilet is facing the bedroom door directly

Image 2.  Toilet facing bedroom door












In image 2, the bedroom door is directly facing the toilet area.  In Feng Shui context, this mean the room owner’s health will be affected, especially for female.



Toilet located in middle of the house

Image 3.  Toilet in middle of the house












In image 3, the toilet is located in middle of the house based on the cross section (red arrow).  In Feng Shui context, this area signify the house owner’s heart.  This in turn affect the house owner‘s health, especially heart related issues.

To assess this location correctly, first draw dotted lines (see blue lines) to ensure your house floorplan is enclosed in a rectangle.  After which, draw two lines from the rectangle corners  (such as above) to locate your house middle area. For image 3, the toilet is located in the middle of the house.

Another approach of such assessment is to divide the floor plan into 9 squares equally (3 columns by 3 rows).  The ones in the middle is deem as the house central location.


Toilet located in the kitchen

Image 4.  Toilet in the kitchen area



In Image 4, the toilet is located in the same physical area as the kitchen (see red circle).  In Feng Shui context, this resulted in disharmony between family members.

Best to Avoid Such Items Placement

Bed facing the toilet door

Usually in master bedroom, there is a toilet for convenience.  In such scenario, it is best recommended not to place the bed near the toilet door (above one arm length).  In addition, advise not to place the bed directly facing the toilet.

Toilet is usually humid and also a place that generate bad odor. If placed in closed proximity such as an arm length will result in sleeping under an unhygienic condition. Best advise is have open the toilet window to air the space and place the bed at reasonable length to minimise such impact.

Mirror facing the toilet door

A common observation is placing the mirror in the toilet facing the toilet door. In Feng Shui context, this create another doorway which will attract negative energy.  A more logical reasoning which will result in scaring oneself at night when looking into the mirror accidentally.


Recommended Placement in A House

Toilet is a physical space where humidity and bad odor often resides.  As such, below are some recommendation that you can try to liven up the space.

1. Plants: One of our favourite recommended items. Use of plants help to cleanse the air and give a visual element to brighten the space.  You can read more on our articles on plants and flowers.

2. Stickers: Use of water proof wall stickers to brighten the physical space.  It can be in the form of nature or colorful characters.

3.  Ventilation: Opening up of toilet window when not in use and using toilet air fresheners to remove the humid still air and smell.

4. Painting: If the toilet is spacious enough, you can place/ hang some small pictures of fruits or nature.

5.  Non-slippery mat: Lastly, ensure you used a non-slippery mat or tiles in your toilet to prevent fall.  As always, safety first.


Hopefully, this short and concise article give you a basic understanding of toilet Feng Shui Audit.  Next article, we will focus on Lost art of Feng Shui Part 1.

For relevant article, you can read about our article on Kitchen Feng Shui Audit.


Thank you & Good Luck !

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