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Previous article, we talked about kitchen Feng Shui audit and recommendation.  In this article, an anecdote from our author’s observation.  Hope the readers are able to read with an open mind with positive criticism.


Is it due to Feng Shui audit actions or due to my own luck that trigger these positive results?


A question which surface in some house owners after encountering brief positive results after a Feng Shui audit.  Some events such as promotion, struck lottery, etc…

Initially, this seem like a classic ‘chicken and egg’ problem.  However, after quite a few observations, personally think both factors play a part in a confluence manner.  Not only that, also due to hard work and effort put in, a familiar quote that resonates; ‘You reap what you sow’.  As mentioned in one of our articles, 70% effort and 30% Feng Shui is a general rule of thumb.

Below illustrates real life scenarios that you may have personally encountered.  Friend used in this context is referring to either friend or colleague who is familiar to you.  We will be using his/ he which may refer to either a male or female for easy reading.


Scenario A – Good Fortune then Good House

Your friend seem to be doing well in current phase of his life, event may be lottery/ career/ business opportunities.  At the same time, he is actively sourcing for a higher end house due to this uptrend.

When a person is enjoying good fortune, the perspective of how ones view things will always be optimistic.

When luck is on his side, sourcing a house (favorable for house owner) is an additional help to his current status.  This in turn propagate to his choice in Feng Shui master.  During Feng Shui audit, if requests are completed effectively by house owner.  The positive result will assist him to ride further on the uptrend with even bigger positive impact.


Scenario B – Average House then either Good Fortune/ Good House then Good Fortune

Your friend seem to be faring average in current phase of his life.  At the same time, he is actively sourcing better house for a change of fortune.  It can also be the scenario he is selling away for some cash on hand.

When a person is facing a average fortune, perspective at this junction is either an average or an optimistic mindset.  The conception of  ‘live and let live’ VS ‘things will always turn out better with more effort put in’ respectively.

As such, sourcing a better house may not be the solution.  It is more of a mindset of how to deal with incoming matters.  Following are different mindsets having an average fortune:


Optimistic Mindset-‘things will always turn out better with more effort put in’

An optimistic mindset will impact how’s one select a Feng Shui master.  He will be putting in extra effort compared to the average. With an end goal of better things coming eventually, he will do his due diligence in Feng Shui master selection.

If the audit change requests are completed effectively, the positive result will pull him out of his current situation.

In this scenario, one may attribute success to Feng Shui master.  From author’s viewpoint, is a bi-directional relationship.  Feng Shui master first create a positive house environment.  This indirectly and subtly inject confidence & hope into the owner mind.  With more confidence, he is able to face incoming matters positively by putting in determination of resolving it.


Average Mindset – ‘live and let live’

In this situation, sourcing for a favorable house may not put in much effort.  Eventually, he may purchase house that fits the minimum requirements.  However, he may also lower his initial internal expectations due to the mindset he has.  This often resulted in missing out other aspects which may become important in times to come.

This same approach of doing thing will apply to Feng Shui master selection as well.  He may succumb to using ‘easy way out’ approach to make his decision.  Typical examples are hearsay, listening from couple of friends’ current fortune status, forums posted by some sponsored staff.

If audit change requests are completed effectively, the positive result may/ may not assist him out of current status.  This is due to his action which was sown right from the start of this process.  So failure or success will be less certain at this junction and highly dependent on individual’s pure luck.

In this scenario, one may attribute success/ failure to Feng Shui master.  As mentioned, is a bi-directional relationship.  Feng Shui master create a positive environment for the owner and also indirectly inject confidence & hope into him.

Due to the way of approaching matters, this create uncertainty in result which is not as deterministic as previous case.  Eventually, fortune becomes not favorable for house owner and the blame shift to either master, house or both.


Scenario C – Average Fortune then Good House

Similar to Scenario B


Scenario D –Average Fortune then Bad House / Bad House then Bad Fortune

If an existing house has bad Feng Shui or not suitable, it doesn’t matter which luck cycle he is in. (good or bad)  As the house is already in ‘bad shape’, Feng Shui master can only improve but may not be significant.

Some debate with Feng Shui items and Feng Shui ritual, it will change one’s fortune.  In author’s opinion, it will be in a more unfavorable situation. As it is literally similar to betting your entire house on this bet.  In the end, budget will declined if the result did not fit the expectation. The money, an instrument of change, is the critical factor to get out of any bad situation.

Key suggestion when facing such situation is to develop a stronger mindset.  This sharpen one mind to endure the situation with a concrete end goal of improving one’s life.

This approach would be more realistic & positive as long as you have a basic plan worked out and followed thoroughly.



Ending with a personal note is that Feng Shui & Feng Shui master can help an individual.  However, an individual’s mindset and their courses of action are critical to one’s success.  In the end, success or failure is largely determine by one’s choice of action.  Not just by Feng Shui master or staying in a good Feng Shui house.


Hopefully, above article provides some food for thoughts and general consideration during your up and downs.  In our next article, we will be touching on Classic & Modern Feng Shui Items Alternatives.

Otherwise, a more relevant to this article will be finding your favorable directions when house hunting.


Thank you & Good Luck !

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